[Date updated: 2021/07/11(Sun) 04:38:53]
 User: lg
 If u see kuz’s site there is a link to some news
 It talks about how Kolyma.net is dissolving and how Ayashii.net would be moved to Heyuri soon
 User: Kuznetsov
  what are your thoughts about this, lg-san?
  I think the site will do just fine, better, even. It will introduce the heyuri crowd to it, which will make it more active.
  On that note, what should I do with this domain name?
  User: Kuznetsov
   on second thought, maybe i should let this bbs still be accessible from the domain name as well as heyuri
   User: lg
     from the domain name as well as heyuri
     Im completely fine with it being a Heyuri board. It could introduce more users into the platform