[Date updated: 2021/06/23(Wed) 05:58:39]
 User: lg
 I wish I can make a bbs like this one or something
 Do you mean set up your own instance of this script, or write a new BBS 
 ││script from scratch? The former is relatively easy, but the latter is 
 ││something that only a few people in this world have ever managed to 
 ││pull off (and even fewer have managed to do it well!)
 ││The world isn't really hurting for more BBSes right now though - what 
 ││it needs is moar users populating the already existing ones (;´Д`)
 │└User: lg
 │ │Yeah
 │ │
 │ └Then all you need is:
    - a copy of the script: https://2ch.cx/src/982.zip
    - web hosting that allows PHP
    - a domain name
   I'm currently programming a frontend that's a clone of this site .