[Date updated: 2023/05/23(Tue) 14:41:22]
 User: lg
 Does "usagi" still use this site? (;´Д`)
 She hasn't posted here since a month ago, and rarely for a while before 
  that (;´Д`)
  I just knew at some point she would give it up. In fact I was kind of 
   to even find her here.This just isn't the sort of place girls hang out.
   Too sleazy. (´¬`)
   While usually a minority, girls are pretty commonly found in places liek 
    this - they just don't reveal themselves most of the time (contrary to 
    popular belief)
    I think with usagi it was moar that she got busy with IRL, which broke 
    the habit of coming here. She was posting about being horny, having 
    bukkake dreams, drawing loli pr0ns, and even made an animated futanari 
    sex flash loop for us ヽ(´ー`)ノ
    ...maybe we weren't the best influence after all (;^Д^)
    I definitely think that Heyuri out of all the altchans has the most 
     potential of being the object of teen girls' morbid fascination ヽ(´∇`)ノ
     Speaking of girls' morbid fascination, it's long been said that the 
      guro fandom has a very high percentage of girls (゚∇゚)
      Will I get a girlfriend if I become a guro fetishist? I already
       apreciate guro pictures from an aesthetic point of view, but like, I
       don't masturbate to them.
       As an experienced guro fapper, I have never aimed for a girlfriend but
         I don't think revealing your power level in front of random girls would
         help getting them excited for you (;^Д^)
         It's worth noting a lot of "guro fans" are only into light ryona or
         heavy BDSM, and would haet extreme stuff you see on imageboards