[Date updated: 2022/11/24(Thu) 12:46:05]
 User: lg
 Pfft.. I remember this one dream where I was walking down an infinite sidewalk, until I met this one girl that led me into her house..
 She was a HUGE fan of communism, owning soviet guns, and red/yellow flags plastered all over her walls, it doesn't end there: she also had yaoi printworks, of course, she was an extreme fujoshi.
 She was always smiling, like she actually enjoyed my company, she was really helpful, and I still remember her kissing my cheek when I left and ended up waking up.
 Sometimes, if I hang around some of my real life fujo friends, read a bit of my book about the Vietnam War, I end up seeing her AGAIN in my dreams, and she still gives me hugs and kisses as she always does (^Д^)
  Perhaps it is your soulmate communicating with you ヽ(´∇`)ノ
 Don't let commie succubis control you (;´Д`)
  User: usagi