[Date updated: 2022/11/22(Tue) 09:47:07]
 The pleasure of bleeding gums... ヽ(´∇`)ノ
 What the... (;´Д`)
 love the feeling, especially after your dentist does the yearly scrubbing (゚ー゚)
 Is there any pleasure? I've never noticed...
   Then again I've barely got any teeth left, so my gums always bleed.
   Haven't ventured to the stomatologue in 5evar, since it's a pain to
   schedule both a day to go there and to get a favourable appointment date.
   I'd really like to get the few remaining pieces of teeth that have
   rotten so much, only the very last bit of roots remain, to be removed,
   mostly because my gums can't heal properly because of them, it's a major
   drag having to keep cutting off any excess gums once in a while and having
   to clean out any pus that has developed daily. (;´Д`)
   Thankfully all the rot happened only on the teeth you can't see in a smile
   (for the most part), so even though I don't honestly pay much attention to
   what the state of a my oral hygiene does to any social status I have,
   It doesn't matter at all since the only ones who would notice are the ones
   who I explicitly tell them about it. (゚∀゚)