[Date updated: 2022/09/24(Sat) 08:20:18]
 How do hikkis deal with oily hair? It has been a week since I last showered and my
 pillow already smells as bad as my hair (;´Д`)
 We don't! Instead we stay awake until we're too tired to care about our 
  oily, yellowed pillows and bedsheets, and crash out in our clothes we 
  haven't changed out of for weeks/months ヽ(´ー`)ノ
  I have a long way to go... (´人`)
  Being a hikkineet, sometimes I forgo cleanliness for weeks/months, BUT
   only while I'm intensely working on a personal project for weeks/months.
   I find the common notion of hikki hygiene bizarre. Surely one wouldn't
   want to tarnish the purity their cell? If I could I would spray my room
   down with solvent and peroxide everyday of the week.
   Also is oily hair meant to have a stench? Even after months it doesn't
   smell that bad, atleast compared to the other fetors of the flesh.
   Perhaps you just haven't tuned out your own scent that much yet?
   My problem is that I'm always intensely working on personal projects 
    for weeks/months (;^Д^)
    My "cell" is also pretty clean (there's no trash, mold, etc.), but it 
    does contain a hueg amount of items with some having several months or 
    years worth of dust as I can no longer get to them ヽ(´ー`)ノ
    Regarding hair stench: if it's been several weeks since I changed my 
    pillowcase then it does smell different if I was to sniff it, but it's 
    not particularly repulsive and I don't really notice it 99% of the 
    time. Same with body odor (´∇`)
    I face the same problem (╥A╥) Been intensely working on some stuff for 6 months
     straight, had a break for a couple of weeks to read a visual novel after I was
     done with a major chunk of work. Even though there's not much left with my current
     project, I've been slow with it and other miscellaneous manual labours keep appearing.
     My stockpile of booze is running dry, savings are dangerously low, soon there'll be
     no funds for ciggies or server costs. Stopped getting neetbux from the government
     at the start of the year too...
     With all that I fear that even after I finish all that's left for me to do currently,
     I wont have any of the supplemental needs I so desire that make the consumption of 
     anime a true nepenthe, or that I won't be able to provide services to the world via
     the internet _ノ乙(、ン、)_
     I might've gone a bit off topic, but this new question is one that plagues my thoughts
     quite a lot recently. How does one, as a neet, procure the dolla dolla bill y'all?
     What options are out there? Do any of you have some relevant experience that could be shared?
     Well there's NEETbux and autismbux as you're already aware, but the 
       only other option I've explored was nepotism'ing my way into a crappy 
       job, completely skipping the interview process
       ...I haeted it though (turns out crappy jobs are significantly more 
       limiting, prison-like, and life-consuming than being hikkiNEET!), so I 
       quit after a few months and returned to true freedom ヽ(´ー`)ノ