[Date updated: 2022/08/28(Sun) 21:11:02]
 My sleep schedule is all fucked up once again (´Д`)
 It's a shitty feeling to be waking up with the sensation in ur mouth coming
 from not brushing your teeth last night...
 I could have written this... it's morning where I am and I'm about to 
  eat dinner and then go to sleep shortly after (;^Д^)
 User: lg
  I know how if feels, the mouth is so dry the tongue cant move freely without using more force than usual.
  I suffer from the sleep schedule problem too, and since school is gonna come back for me, Its gonna be hard in my last days of summer (^Д^)
 I never brush before bed, but I always do when I wake up. If i brush 
   before, I wake up feeling weird and have bad breath!!!