[Date updated: 2022/07/31(Sun) 23:36:43]
 I've thought about bringing more activity to heyuri and I really think that
 doing things like the recent cytube stream more often would work best.
 It's working out pretty well for kissu.moe for example, they host streams
 for seasonal anime pretty much every week and other, older shows every now
 and then too. It's great for interacting more with the rest of the users
 and things like that.
 Even though I think some of them are pretty good, it's probably not
 heyuri's style to watch seasonals so maybe we should find some sort of list
 of shows to work through every week or so and eventually the rest of the
 userbase will catch on and start bringing in their own recommendations ヽ(´∇`)ノ
 By the way, I'd be fine with rewatches of shows that most of the users have
 probably already watched, just something to start it off.
 Community activities are definitely something we should do more of, but 
 ││a stream every week might be a bit much - it could easily lead to low 
 ││attendence and burnout. Weekly imageboard cytube streams are fairly 
 ││common, and I've seen far bigger boards than ours end up with little to 
 ││no viewers (;´Д`)
 ││That said, if we find the right balance (monthly? bi-weekly?), I've 
 ││seen another imageboard anime stream who had a fairly ingenious way of 
 ││picking what to watch
 ││Basically they had spreadsheet in google docs (google sux so we could 
 ││find an alternative or just make a wiki page and use a table), and they 
 ││had a list of shows down the leftmost column, and a list of users along 
 ││the top row. Each user would add their name to a new column, and they 
 ││would go down the list and mark whether they:
 ││1. had never seen the show before, and wanted to watch
 ││2. had seen the show before, but wouldn't mind rewatching
 ││3. don't want to watch / rewatch the show
 │││   Anime title    │2bowlz│k00ln4m3│John│  ○ = YES PLZ
 ││├─────────┼───┼────┼──┼  △ = don't mind (´ー`)
 │││Notto Foa Eburiwan│  X  │   △   │ ○ │  X = NO THX
 ││├─────────┼───┼────┼──┼  □ = PlayStation®
 │││Boringu Kurappu   │  X  │   X   │ ○ │
 │││Rori Sekkusu      │  △  │   ○   │ X │
 ││Using this method, we could easily see which shows are of interest to 
 ││the most users ヽ(´ー`)ノ
 │└User: kaguya
 │ │I liek this method, but are there any alternatives to google docs? Creating a
 │ │page is an option too, but most users would probably prefer using a system
 │ │that doesn't require registration (or publicly displaying their bare IPs)
 │ │
 │ └There are alternatives like EtherCalc, but without registration, anyone 
    can come along and vandalize it for the LOLs. That doesn't matter so 
    much for ephemeral things like imageboards, but if you're trying to get 
    something done then it can get very annoying (;´Д`)
    I think using our own wiki is probably the best choice, especially con-
    sidering that we're not really using it to do mathematical functions. 
    We have full control over it, it automatically keeps a log of the his-
    tory, and it's easy to spot and revert abuse should it occur ヽ(´ー`)ノ
 CyTube and other video streaming sites aren't Heyuri's style either
  I thought the monthly anime was a lot more fun
  Disagree'd! The monthly anime never worked a single time despite the 
    boards being way more active in those days, while the cytube streams 
    have been a success both times so far. I'm not sure how anyone could 
    consider something to be "more fun" if it never actually happened...
    It's true that a lot of the failure of the monthly anime was due to the 
    "organizers" failing at organizing, and a wide variety of external fact-
    ors, but it's also asking a lot of users to expect them to stick to a 
    regimented schedule of watching 1 episode a day for 12-26 days, as oppo-
    sed to hanging out together in a stream for 4-5 hours once a month or so
    The streams are the internet equivalent of meeting up and watching 
    anime together an anime club that doesn't suck, which is totally Heyu-
    ri's style ヽ(´ー`)ノ