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 Why does patch or whoever even make these awful sites? Whats the point?
  They die in a month max and have the same people/posters every time.
  Why not just stick to one site? Why not just move to discord since all
  these "imageboards" are is just glorified discord chats
  He's the Batman of imageboards - except instead of being a rich guy 
   who repeatedly saves the city, he's an eccentric weirdo who repeatedly 
   sets up imageboards, spams links to them on every board ever, and then 
   pulls them down on a whim shortly afterwards (if they don't get shut 
   down by external factors before then)
   The travelling circus of 8/b/-aligned retards who frequent his boards 
   are also eccentric weirdos, but most of them are just taking advantage 
   of his shitty moderation to get away with risque pedo posts until the 
   site inevitably gets shutdown and a new one inevitably pops up in its 
  User: lg
   One thing I learned; its not easy to make an BBS (;´Д`)
   Setting one up is easy; getting anyone to use it is not ヽ(´ー`)ノ
    User: lg
      Even harder if you are doing free web hosts (^Д^)