[Date updated: 2021/04/13(Tue) 17:43:57]
 User: Kuznetsov
 I figured out the admin panel.
 I will clean this place up more often now.
 Thank you to kind man who helped me ^_^a
 User: Kuznetsov(騙り)
  Awesome, glad to have helped - being unable to get into the admin panel 
  was seriously annoying me earlier, so I knew I had to post my findings 
  once I figured it out ヽ(´ー`)ノ
  Testing to see what happens if I try to use your admin name...
  Linkto:2021/04/13(火) 20:07:35
  User: Kuznetsov
  ││muhauhauha try now
  ││Linkto:2021/04/13(火) 20:22:06
  │└User: Kuznetsov(騙り)
  │ │(゚Д゚)
  │ │
  │ │Linkto:2021/04/13(火) 20:25:00
  │ │
  │ └....
    Try one more time
    Linkto:2021/04/13(火) 20:28:44
     Linkto:2021/04/13(火) 20:37:45
       oh it wont let you impersonate him
       Linkto:2021/04/13(火) 20:39:37
  User: Kuznetsov
   i still dont exactly understand what the handlenames config does
   Linkto:2021/04/13(火) 20:22:06
   What it's meant for is giving people fixed handle names - so if a buddy 
    or staff member of yours posts here, they can put a password into the 
    name field instead of their name, and the resulting post will display 
    their name as a capcode rather than a regular name that anyone could 
    post with
    You format it like this:
    'handlename' => 'password',
    'Mr. Faggot' => 'lolwut123',
    However, it can also be used to prevent people from using certain 
    names - acting basically the same as a wordfilter (but for names):
    'what actually gets posted' => 'what you put into the name field',
    'NOT MR.FAGGOT, KILL THIS MAN' => 'Mr. Faggot',
    "Mr. Faggot" would then only appear as a name if somebody knew to enter 
    "lolwut123" into the name field, and would otherwise get filtered to 
    Linkto:2021/04/13(火) 20:44:09
     To add to this, even if you don't create a "wordfilter" to "protect" a 
     handle, anyone who tries to put an established handle as their name 
     will automatically end up with "(deceiver)" (or whatever you set it to) 
     at the end of their name
     Linkto:2021/04/13(火) 21:01:53
     thank you for education
       Linkto:2021/04/13(火) 21:22:12