[Date updated: 2022/06/01(Wed) 21:53:08]
 Was kuz an overall net negative or positive
 for heyuri?
 He was a competent admin with a few mistakes
  Anyone who says otherwise has been on heyuri
  for less than a year and its obvious
 User: darksjk
  Like someone said before, without kuz there would be no heyuri, no rule 8,
  no golden age, no partybus, and no ayashii world.
  He made mistakes but its downright idiotic to say he was a net negative
  Well now hold on just a minute:
   - kuz didn't create Heyuri, and it was partly his fault (along with 
     many of the other staff members at that time) that it "died" in the 
     first place
   - Rule 8 already existed as an unnumbered rule beneath the post form 
     before kuz became co-admin
   - nobody was ever able to prove where the partybus came from (according 
     to one Anonymous back in 2020 during one particular partybus episode, 
     he claimed it was just him and some old friends of his that he 
     invited along - neither lolico nor kuz had any idea where the sudden 
     boom in post activity was coming from, and so I've always doubted the 
     later claim that kuz had anything to do with it)
   - Strange World was originally a kolyma board until kuz was persuaded 
     by Heyuri users to make it into a Heyuri board - before that point it 
     was filled with Rule 8 material and other crap like this:
   I would still say kuz was net positive because I don't think a lot of 
   the good things that Heyuri has produced would have occurred had kuz 
   not been involved... but because he's also been involved with a lot of 
   the things that made Heyuri objectively worse and has hindered our 
   ability to grow almost as much as he has helped, it's only a small net 
   positive (;^Д^)
   User: Kuznetsov
    I put that unnumbered rule there, it literally said "-kuz" at the end! And
    I only did it because the font that was used reminded me of old aliased text
    that was once common, heyuris whole modern culture was birthed from me
    liking a font!
    It was not my fault that Heyuri died and neither akima nor lolico say this,
    as we have both acknowledged it is entirely the fault of one man driving
    stakes between us. I was there inside the private rooms, I know what went
    on and you have only bits and pieces you've scraped through leaks that I
    made! Akima is exclusively to blame for the downfall, which isnt to say that
    me and lolico hadnt had personality clashes, but he worsened them to the
    point that they became.
    Strange world was never a kolyma board because there is no such thing, it
    was just a board that I made after my then-friend Robert showed me the
    script and said it wasnt being hosted anywhere else. So I put it up as its own
    standalone site until Heyuri users asked me to incorporate it into their site,
    a dangerous move considering Heyuri's reputation. But I did anyways.
    I know where the partybus came from because I know a majority of the trip
    users were from 9channel! I put up a public announcement on the IRC and
    dicksword rooms and many notable 9channel users, including the once-mod
    "Peter Scully" (who went by krautmaster on the boards) came to the site.
    The partybus was not and to my knowledge still is not an official, organized
    group. The reason those tripfags came in waves was from me announcing
    to different 9ch groups Heyuri's existance. Of course there were many 
    non-9ch tripfags and partybus passengers, but the majority of what we
    currently know as "the partybus" was from 9ch, and I can verify that
    for an absolute fact
    This is what I meant by revisionism, its this systematic editing of my name
    out of contributions to this site. 
    Oh, and didnt you come to this site through advertisements that were spammed
    on zchan as a retaliation for them spamming us? Well guess who put those there?
    You'll question your entire existance if you can guess ヽ(`Д´)ノ
    User: Kuznetsov
     Also, the people you "lost" from my actions elsewhere are better off not
     being here, unless you think the shitflinging this board has been for the last
     10 minutes was how you want the entire site to look, because thats a taste
     of the users that dont like me, a bunch of 4chan idiots who cant be assed
     to adapt to the site or its culture and constantly write things they know
     nothing about.
     You yourself wrote previously about how they make huge wiki articles
     and long blogposts about things in japan they are clueless of, yet fail to 
     see how that can also apply to them when they write about me. You
     take a look at that thread and look at what they criticize me over.
     Firstly they think I spammed Heyuri and leaked users IP's, which is obviously
     untrue and a wrong retelling of history, since as we both know akima is the
     one who later admitted to all that AND for trying to frame me, then he 
     did it to my sites (strawberry heaven) too!
     Secondly they go on about gurochan, a site which hasnt had a single ounce
     of drama in over a year, and the former drama starter who is supposedly
     a victim of mine has been widely denounced by the users.
     You take a look at /dis/ and the /wiki/, on AE and on r/guro and you will
     see, NOT ONE single gurochan user likes straitjakit. In fact, they commonly
     write paragraphs upon paragraphs of why they hate him, and are extremely
     thankful to kaguya and I for restoring the site and its archives, and making
     it the largest iteration it has ever been. Again, a case of uninformed outsiders
     trying to write their perspective about events they have no idea of. And if
     there was anything you would want to challenge my stances on, straitjakit
     is one of the worst, as the situation with him is so 1 sided and dumb that his
     own former friends and moderators left (and joined kaguya!)
     Whats the rest? Shitty unsourced 30 paragraph long articles about me? Is
     it because I posted a few soyjaks in the past? (Which I did long before Heyuri
     existed). Is it because you had to see the letter K a few times before I quickly
     removed them from Heyuri for "public complaints" (which was just 1 or 2 people,
     no one actually gave a fuck)
     Is it because I fought back after some crazy pedo started accusing me of kidnapping
     people and installing spyware on their devices? 
     For some reason, you, who has known all of my work on Heyuri, chooses to fixate
     on exxagerated or false stories and absolutely minimize any good things I did to the
     site, you have a deadly case of contrarianism, and its making me ill! ヽ(`Д´)ノ
     1. I'll give you the Rule 8 thing, as your name is in fact on the only 
          surviving archive of it I have to hand, but it only says that you'll 
          try to be lenient with it rather than it being attributed to you. I 
          don't believe you were the one who gave birth to Heyuri's current 
          culture though, because you were still checking digits and >green-
          texting before I commented on those things!
       2. Akima's influence cannot be denied, and I'm also of the belief that 
          the lolico+kuz era wouldn't have ended the way that it did if Akima 
          had not been present. However, both you and lolico still played a 
          significant part in Heyuri's 2020 death and subsequent massive drop 
          in userbase and activity - that much is undeniable
          It's all in the past now, and tensions were obviously high, but both 
          you and lolico acted like selfish children and shat all over the 
          golden goose that was Heyuri with your stupid dicksword spats that 
          spilled out onto multiple different imageboards, while everyone else 
          (other than Akima and faganon) just wanted to have fun on teh 
          interwebs, but were forced to watch in horror as Heyuri's own staff 
          tore the site apart. In that moment, Pandora's box was opened - 
          Heyuri forever lost its innocence, and I'm still not over it (;´Д`)
       3. Strange World (and Blue Strange World!) were both listed on 
          bbs.kolyma.org prior to the "de-kolyma-ization", and you announced 
          its transition to Heyuri as part of the "de-kolyma-ization". And the 
          only person who was ever vocally against the move was faganon, so 
          there was nothing risky about it!
       4. The partybus wasn't the 9ch tripfags - they were regularly posting 
          on Heyuri already before the first partybus arrived. The partybus 
          was the sudden wave of rapidly created threads and replies made by 
          anonymous users that seemingly came out of nowhere, and left just as 
          sudenly as they arrived - much like we saw here earlier today. I 
          don't remember exactly when it was, but I remember it was after the 
          LOL Heyuri!!1 flash had been posted to 4chan's /f/ and we started to 
          get a few posters from there - that must have been around a month 
          after you invited 9ch users to Heyuri
       6. The initial zchan ad was just a single post from them on Heyuri:
          https://archive.ph/7nDsN (2020/05/11) back when cavalier was still 
          co-admin, and they received a single retaliatory Heyuri ad on zchan 
          from lolico (not archived as far as I'm aware, but he mentioned that 
          he would keep the zchan ad up as long as they kept the Heyuri one up)
          Then after you became co-admin there was another ad from them:
          https://archive.ph/OQthb (2020/05/29) and I believe that's when you 
          waged a mini-war against them. Existence status: unquestioned!!!
       7. Actually I thought the sudden boost in activity here was fun, and it 
          was fairly friendly and harmless all things considered ヽ(´ー`)ノ
       8. I don't care about the intricacies of your wars with other websites/
          individuals or their wars with you - I just haet that we're always 
          freaking associated with it, and we can't advertise Heyuri or the 
          kewl stuff Heyuri does to anyone because it's always the same "kuz 
          kuz kuz" crap. Plus you always show up to the threads to defend your-
          self in the most retarded and obvious fashion possible, making the 
          situation 200x worse (;´Д`)
       9. I do know all your work on Heyuri - I praise you for the things you 
          deserve praise for (like continuing to host Heyuri at what I assume 
          is a loss, being generally very lenient and tolerant in terms of 
          what we are allowed to post despite everything, and just all the 
          countless things you did for Heyuri during teh golden age and in 
          bringing the site back to life) and I frown upon the things you 
          deserve frowns for (which I think I've elaborated on enough already!)
          I refuse to blindly believe any random bullshit rumor about you, but 
          at the same time I refuse to blindly mongle your cock - I will look 
          at things as objectively and truthfully as I'm able to with the 
          information I have, because I like to be comftorably correct (;^Д^)