[Date updated: 2022/06/01(Wed) 07:04:24]
 Someone tried to advertise matari on /jp/
 It didnt go well
 User: lg
 ││Everyone seems to be against kuz lately (´~`)
 │└To be fair, /jp/ is probably one of the most, if not THE most singular anti-kuz
   place on the internet.
 I mean, what did the OP of that thread expect? This is how it's been 
  ever since the fallout of "TEH DRAMA" of 2020, and kuz hasn't exactly 
  improved his reputation outside of Heyuri since then (;´Д`)
  Anyway, to any /jp/sies who might be lurking: Mattari AA is not for 
  "custom Mona" or "Tablecat edits" (in fact it will be very shitty for 
  those) - it's for Ayashii World-style AA! It's designed with monospaced 
  Japanese fonts in mind (like MS Gothic), as opposed to the proportion-
  ally-spaced MS PGothic font used on 2ch/5ch
  Ayashii AA is also preformatted, so it allows any number of half-width 
  spaces in a row (even at the beginning of a line) unlike 2ch/5ch, which 
  won't allow more than a single half-width space and has you awkwardly 
  alternating between half-width and full-width spaces for alignment (;´Д`)
  While there are a variety of ancient tools to create 2ch/5ch AA, none 
  of them (to my knowledge) support Ayashii-style AA - hence the creation 
  of Mattari AA! ヽ(´ー`)ノ
  /jp/sies are worse than heyuri newfags, because at least heyuri newfags
   are cutely dumb, these guys act like they know everything but are just
   as clueless as the next guy, then they go write awful lurkmore/bibanon
   wiki pages about shit they know nothing of!
   That shit is the bane of my existence, and is too uncomftorable (;´Д`)
     I don't claim to be an expert, but the fact that so much of Japanese 
     internet history and culture is documented and archived by the Japanese 
     themselves, and yet those retards always seem to source some crap 
     written by Shii 18 years ago that doesn't accurately reflect things at 
     all (or worse - Western mainstream media articles that are basically 
     just fiction)... GAH!! ヽ(`Д´)ノ
     And present-day 2ch/5ch users are just as bad - most of them know about 
     as much regarding the history of their own site (nevermind the wider 
     Japanese internet) as the average present-day 4chan user knows about 
     the history of 4chan... which is to say that they know nothing at all!