[Date updated: 2022/06/01(Wed) 01:06:20]
 I don't know if this will help, but I found something that looks like history.
 Here's one to pass the time.(´~`)
 User: lg
  "As far as you think in the heart, Strange-World keeps existing. (´ー`)"
 I recognize 「japan.fetish.lolita」 !
 I think that has been noticed before, I remember anon translating the ASCII chart
  at the bottom.
 It's been posted several times if you look through our logs and old 
   /lounge/ threads ヽ(´ー`)ノ
   There's a fairly old "English" translation here with lots of additional 
   notes added by the translator (which may or may not be accurate), but 
   the "English" is terrible and not much better than machine translation 
   in many places (in fact, it's often worse), so it can be very mislead-
   I was working on my own museum-like site about Ayashii World that 
   included my own translation with additional notes, archives, etc, but I 
   only got up to January 1998 before I got distracted by other projects 
   ノ(´д`) (sounds familiar...)
   I did complete a lot of the other stuff though, like the star chart, 
   the genealogy, and a few other things I found elsewhere. I even color-
   ized them!
   Ah fuck it, I'll put them online in their current state just so they 
   don't go to waste: