[Date updated: 2022/05/31(Tue) 06:48:58]
 User: lg
       (´ー`)丿 <I know that I said that I would have made AA's
     / ノ,   ヽ___   the SECOND I reached home, but by the time I did,
    /__/(____/____/ It was nightime (the time I must get rest). My condolences to those who waited.
       (´A`)丿 <I probably might as well continue the series of SW
     / ノ,   ヽ___  comics, and maybe possibly a remake that more so matches
    /__/(____/____/ more to Heyuri culture.
       (´▽`)丿 <I'm sure that TOMMOROW will be my AA comeback. And 
     / ノ,   ヽ___   TOMMOROW all the stupid OC's will come back once again
    /__/(____/____/  for me and you to waste time on. lg-san out.
    /  ´/ ゚ ゚ / < Z z Z z Z *oh charlotte* Z z Z z Z *ah sushiboy*