[Date updated: 2022/05/26(Thu) 04:27:33]
 User: lg
 Does anyone have the original MiniBBS for Ayashii World? (;´Д`)
 I have one that is very close to what was the final version of the 
   modified MiniBBS that Shiba distributed on his site. You'll find it in 
   the REBIRTH folder of this ZIP archive: https://2ch.sh/src/1805.zip
   HOWEVER: it requires some fiddling to get up and running (maybe I'll 
   make a better distribution of these scripts at some point, as I have 
   them all up and running locally), but if you do get it working you 
   might notice something odd about the title and background color
   Explaining it would require a small essay on a specific point in 
   Ayashii World history, but I can provide it if you want (I already 
   wrote it, but it's not in this post cuz it got too long ヽ(´ー`)ノ)
   It's been a while since I shared these files, so I'll at least explain 
   that these files were extracted from archives of Mana's site (the owner 
   of REBIRTH) made during a time when all the files were exposed (links 
   to this are placed in source.txt, although the files there are slightly 
   corrupted and require fixing - the files provided in the ZIP have been 
   fixed already ヽ(´ー`)ノ)
   In addition to the REBIRTH script, there is also REQUIEM and @hi-ho - 
   both of these are also very similar to Shiba's Ayashii script, only 
   with a few extra features and patches
   REQUIEM in particular was distributed by Mana, and the ZIP contains an 
   HTML readme page which goes over some of the changes that were made to 
   both the original MiniBBS 7.5, as well as those specific to the REQUIEM 
   version. Here's an archive:
   The thing about all of these scripts is... they're really not much 
   different to what we have now (KuzuhaScriptPHP+) other than that 
   they're way less secure, so it's not really worth bothering with them 
   unless you're really interested in Ayashii World history (;^Д^)
   Here are some screencaps I made of my working versions to save you or 
   anyone else the hassle (note that I edited the background color and 
   name of REBIRTH to look how it did when it was actually populated, 
   rather than when everyone abandoned it for the very unpopular changes 
   Mana made to it):
   https://2ch.sh/src/2395.png - REBIRTH
   https://2ch.sh/src/2396.png - REQUIEM
   https://2ch.sh/src/2397.png - hi-ho