[Date updated: 2022/05/23(Mon) 22:22:34]
 The "correct" font on SW looks fucking hideous, im staying a #WrongFonter
 User: lg
  Change the page size to 90% and you get the original look of the Ayashii World boards ヽ(´∇`)ノ
  ││Like this?
  ││A little too small for me (´~`)
  │└User: lg
    Yeah. This is a picture of a Japanese board translated with my web browser on 100% size (゚ー`)
  It depends on how your browser is set up - if your default Japanese 
    monospace font size set to 13px (about 10pt), monospace text on pages 
    that don't specify any CSS will appear small. If it's set to 16px 
    (12pt), it will appear large!
    It's hard to say that either size is "correct" because it's ultimately 
    a user preference, but I will attempt to recreate a typical 1999-ish 
    setup (Japanese Windows 98 + IE5 + era appropriate ayashii script) and 
    report back with how it looks (⌒∇⌒ゞ)