[Date updated: 2022/05/10(Tue) 23:15:57]
 (゚血゚#) heyuri should really open up more boards.. its the key to activity
 The exact opposite is true (´Д`)
  You realize during heyuris peak activity (july of 2020) we had like double the boards we have now? some ones we're missing include /h/, /c/, /a/ /g/ (guro), /l/
   User: lg
    I highly miss the old boards (´π`)
   The high activity at that time wasn't because of the amount of boards 
    we had - it was because we had significantly more users! (;^Д^)
    With the exception of /b/ and /q/, most of those boards (especially the 
    ones added in late July 2020 that were only active for about 2-3 days 
    before completely dying) didn't ever see much activity except for some 
    sporadic dumps once or twice a week at most - and that was with a much 
    larger userbase and the help of /all/! (;´Д`)
    Unless we have a sudden influx of users, any additional boards that get 
    created will do one of the following: 
    1. gain traction but lower the activity level of the other boards (and 
       remember: 5 boards at 10 PPD feels way more dead than 1 board at 50 PPD)
    2. be active for 2-3 days b4 being virtually abandoned
    3. be so unused it never even reaches 100GET (;´Д`)
    User: Kuznetsov
     did.... did #3 ever happen?
     One example is the Aug 6th 2020 reboot of /f/ - I only kept a record up 
      to Aug 21st, but by that point it only had 52 posts, and 36 of those 
      (around 70%) were made during the first 3 days! (for reference: Heyuri 
      died on Sept 6th - I can assure you it didn't get any more active 
      between those dates, unless you include the waves upon waves of spam!)
      Our /v/, some of our 2ch-style boards, and possibly some Sakomoto era 
      boards were equally underutilized (if not more so!), but sadly I didn't 
      keep a record of those, and any potential archives of them are current-
      ly unavailable (;´Д`)
      I think a ton of Strawberry Heaven's boards were well under 100 posts 
      too, especially those that got culled after the first 3 weeks (plus /r/ 
      - Reimu/Armpits which didn't get culled...)
      who else remembers /mil/ - thats a classic and kaguya needs to
       bring it back! ヽ(´ー`)ノ
         4 posts after 1 week of opening (and I'm pretty sure it didn't receive 
         much more than that before being baleeted)... yeah, let's not bring 
         /mil/ back LOL (´∇`)