[Date updated: 2022/05/06(Fri) 23:24:56]
 User: lg
 Yesterday I bought myself an offical Duncan Imperial Yo-yo, and I set them up as how the instructions had told me to. I cut the string to my proper height, made a slipknot to properly wrap around my middle finger, and threw it as the instructions told me to.
 This is the type of yoyo that im dealing with: https://www.yo-yo.com/Shared/Images/Product/Imperial/Duncan_Imperial_Asst._3124IM-FS1-a.png
 Somehow, I can't seem to throw a fast Spinner (aka: a Sleeper) and the yoyo will usually bounce back up on its own to my hand or bounce and turn until it dies out. I tried taking the string out and putting it back in (both single loop and double loop) and ended up with getting a Spinner only 50% of the time I throw the yo-yo. 
 If anyone who knows things about yo-yo's do you have any tips? (;´Д`)
 I use to be really into yoyos when I was a kid,
   the imperial is not really that great of a sleeper to begin with it is more 
   of a looping yoyo. Although my speed beetle which is pretty much the same design is 
   like perfectly tuned for sleeping and looping. I can't remember if the imperial 
   has proper bearings or just an axel, or if it has friction pads. 
   either way lube+ possibly adding a spacer on each side of the bearing is 
   usually how you make a yoyo less responsive. maybe try to just loosen the 
   yoyo a bit if possible to widen the gap. If it has friction pads, you 
   gotta wear them out JUST enough so it sleeps but will still grab when you pull it.