[Date updated: 2022/05/05(Thu) 12:27:19]
 I wonder if it's a problem specific to Heyuri to gather new users, or
 it is simply because of the way internet is nowadays
 A little of both (;^Д^)
  To get people to visit a site like this in the age of the corporate and 
  censored web, you can't just sit on your hands and expect the masses to 
  get lucky with a search engine and find you (I challenge anyone to find 
  Heyuri on a search engine without typing "Heyuri" nor anything that 
  only Heyuri users would be familiar with!)
  Both the site owner and the users need to be proactive in promoting it - 
  not in a shill-like fashion where it comes across as someone clearly 
  trying to gain fame/fortune by luring people into their site, but in an 
  earnest way that is mutually beneficial to all parties
  For example:
  - putting up links in places where potential users might be found 
    (reciprocal links, link collections, SNS posts/profiles, description 
    sections of uploads, forum signatures...)
  - recommending the site to friends and users of other places you fre-
    quent whenever it's relevant to the conversation (e.g. someone expli-
    citly asks for links to fun websites/imageboards, someone is reminis-
    cing about the old days and asks if anything like that still exists, 
  - making strong friendships with other site owners (users of other 
    sites are more likely to visit if the owners are on good terms)
  Now getting visitors is one thing, but turning them into fully-fledged 
  users requires giving visitors a reason to keep coming back. If nothing 
  of interest has happened since they last checked the site (or the site 
  is clearly abandoned/neglected) then they'll wait a little longer 
  before returning next time - or simply not return at all! (;´Д`)
  So the site owner and users have to be proactively using their own site 
  as well. If every time someone visits they come across some fresh OC, a 
  funny/interesting thread, some fun admin/mod shenanigans, new features, 
  etc., then they're more likely to come back for MOAR ヽ(´ー`)ノ
  User: lg
  ││How I ended up on Strange World and Heyuri was trying to find a place to post AA's. I did not know what Heyuri was at the time or anything else about it. I just found Strange World through a balls-deep web search ( ’~’)
  │└You landed on the one place where 2ch-style AA doesn't work... <(;^Д^)
  │ │
  │ └User: lg
     I was able to found my way through that, by the hard way (;´Д`)
     by the hard way I mean that once I posted an MS Gothic AA on a MS PGothic formatted page. (hint: its /lounge/)
  User: kaguya
   Thank you for the well-thought post ヽ(´∇`)ノ
   I will never neglect Heyuri, and agree those are what needs to get done but
   I don't like seeing my efforts being all talk - so I've been thinking about what
   I can personally do on the matter both as the admin and as a user. ( ´ω`)
   I told this before but I think at Heyuri's scale, a user can have nearly as much
   effect on the site as its admin does, and much of the effort I put into Heyuri
   wouldn't necessarily require me having admin access in the first place (´Д`)
   This may change in the future/You probably know I don't do 0 administration,
   but I can't bring myself to believe few active users would magically start sharing
   Heyuri on other places just because I am maintaining it, so it leaves me with
   some moar responsibilities to see Heyuri RISE (´ー`)
   If you ever need inspiration for things to work on, I still have that 
    big townhall list ヽ(´ー`)ノ (although some of it is now outdated...)
    User: kaguya
     I do, I need!! (´Д`)
     I will be busy until weekend, so I don't really want to start doing something big
     until then but feel free to tell your ideas in the meanwhile ( ´ω`)
     I also don't know when can I hold the next townhall for reasons i stated on /q/
     It is done. May kamisama have mercy on ur soul... ヽ(´ー`)ノ
      User: kaguya
       A lot of the points require kuz's help or straight out developing work (´Д`)
       I will look into and respond to it, but give me few days plz
       Most of the "needs doing" and "optional" items are easy fixes/mods 
        that only require some minor wrangling at most - other users and I can 
        help and there's no hurry, so don't give up so easily! ヽ(´ー`)ノ
        User: kaguya
          understood (=゚ω゚)ノ