[Date updated: 2022/04/27(Wed) 22:17:07]
 User: kaguya
 seedlings are teh lame, we should look into where stars are, the COSMOS!
 So we are an astrologist board nao
 seedling is more kawaii tho ( ´ω`)
 User: lg
  This kinda makes Strange World sound like the people here talk about nuttin' but horoscopes (;´Д`)
  astrology is about a little more than horoscopes (;´Д`)
   ...are you thinking of astroNOMy? (^^;ワラ
    Regardless, let's enjoy KAGAYA-san's beautiful astrology-inspired art ヽ(´ー`)ノ
   (・∀・) about little horoscopes more astrolagy than tangrine?