[Date updated: 2022/04/28(Thu) 21:27:45]
 ( ´∀`) https://nazobbs.dob.jp/~amezo/bbs.cgi?tree=1
 Classic Ayashii world
 User: lg
 ││I set the page zoom to 90 on here to make it look like that ( ´ω`)
 │└the software only allows Japanese (;´Д`) (if you have a Japanese keyboard on your OS you can just start typing in English and it'll allow that)
   I'll figure it out later.
  we hardly knew ya
  I'd say that's a new record, but I'm pretty sure one of the Heyuri 
   relaunch attempts has it beat (;^Д^)
   Sorry for taking it down, but I thought the subdomain shit was ugly.
    When I get a domain to test my ancient warez i'll get back to ya ;^)
    As far as you think in the heart, Strange-World keeps existing. (´ー`)
    You could contact kuz on IRC and use his *.fka.cx or *.netmode.ru domains
     for your hosting
     I'll check it out, thanks ( ´ω`)
     (´ー`) Actually, never mind. I already found some nice subdomains on freedns, even if there subdomains at least there free.
      I rebuilt the classic ayashii world, or I guess "NazoBBS" (which just looks better than a green background IMHO) at 
      You can use marquee tags and all the others, but I still haven't figured out how to let users post with a US keyboard...this script is very interesting. (;´Д`)
      That isn't "the classic ayashii world" - it's an older version of the 
      ││script developed from scratch by [email protected], which first appear-
      ││ed in 2013 (and was shutdown a few months ago, RIP ;_;7)
      ││Nazo keijiban was originally a containment board that Shiba made to 
      ││segregate all the annoying users who were constantly starting flamewars 
      ││causing trouble away from the rest of Ayashii, and they became their 
      ││own independent culture. The guy who ran @Mori created his own Nazo 
      ││keijiban board in 2016 (also now shutdown ;_;7) using the same script 
      ││he used for @Mori, which is probably what you saw
      │└( ´ω`) Ohhhh. Yeah you see, I cannot speak Japanese.
      │ │I am kind of ignorant on half of this bible long tome, so sorry for the mistakes. 
      │ │
      │ └*read japanese
        Also, may I ask who ran @Mori?
        Nobuhiro Takasaki, usually he just went by "Takasaki". His website was:
         If you're interested, there's a wiki with some information about @Mori/
         @Kohan no Mori here:
         On there is a page about the various users including Takasaki:
         ...and there's a history page that covers 2013-2018:
         There's also the Zantei wiki, which has information about various 
         Ayashii scripts and includes an entry for MoyashiScript:
         ( ´ω`) By the way, the script running on green.wwwcat.com, is 
           https://github.com/hackpaint/moyashi (I <3 internet warez :D)
           Thank you for the links!
      RIP your board (;´Д`)
       you could call it downtime (・∀・)
        it's back online ヽ(´ー`)人(´∇`)人(`Д´)ノ
         Posting doesn't work (;´Д`)
          (・∀・) Working doesnt post online Tangerines?
          │└User: lg
             >/   >
            / ̄ ̄\
            \__/ ヽ(`Д´)ノYOU SURE LIKE TANGERINES!
          It only accepts Japanese and Shift-JIS art currently (´ー`)
            I guess that's all it's for anyway