[Date updated: 2022/03/27(Sun) 13:50:12]
 (・∀・) What does it mean?
 User: lg
  Probably a mistranslation.
  its a japanse pun that doesnt make sense in english (;´Д`)
  It's not part of the original script or anything to do with Ayashii - 
   kuz copypaste'd it from https://futabachannel.neocities.org/ for some 
   reason and added it of his own accord
   It could only ever relate to Futaba however, because their name and 
   logo are of a "newborn" plant, and 双葉 (futaba) can mean both a twin-
   leaf plant or the early budding/sprouting of leaves of a "newborn" 
   plant, which is why I went with the more plant-related "seedling" when 
   translating "生まれたばかり" instead of the more literal "newborn"...
   It has been used since it's foundation, as it seems on the earliest archive of it on
     The text at top has not changed since then, so it's possible Futaba is still a
     newborn site. Or rather, it's an infant in BBS ages ヽ(´∇`)ノ