[Date updated: 2022/03/20(Sun) 02:25:07]
 I recently set up this bbs software on my website.
 I am basically retarded and cant even figure out how to enter 'admin mode' or whatever in order to delete/edit people's messages.
 The readme is kinda vague and of course there is no way to look up issues with this software in English. I had to troubleshoot a lot on my own.
 I'm amazed I even got it to work considering I've never touched anything php related before.
 Anyone have some basic usability tips or config changes I should make?
 My bbs is going to be for a very niche subject and not really general discussion, I doubt many people will even use it.
 Getting it working is half the battle, congratulations! ヽ(´ー`)ノ
 ││Check this thread from back when I discovered how to do it:
 ││Start from the post that begins with "Are you struggling to even get 
 ││the admin page open?" and then read upwards from there ヽ(´ー`)ノ
 ││BTW - are you using the Japanese original, the semi-translated version, 
 ││or the fully translated version hosted here:
 ││On the latter, I added a few TL notes here and there - including one to 
 ││conf.php beneath the 'ADMINKEY' entry that explains how to enter admin 
 ││mode - no such help is provided in the other versions (;´Д`)
 │└Thank you!! this is extremely helpful!!, and yes i am using the original ja version.
   I probably should have searched if this version was public first but ahh whatever.
   I was able to get the admin page!!
   I was trying the password in name and topic but never guessed to try it in the contents haha.ヽ(´∇`)ノヽ(´∇`)ノ
 User: Kuznetsov
 ││Oh, the admin panel was such a hassle to setup. Make sure you have php5
 ││or so installed as well, its what its written in
 │└I have it up and running on PHP7.4.28 - as explained in the old thread 
 │ │I linked, the only thing that needed changing was two instances of 
 │ │"eregi" in sub/patTemplate.php to "preg_match" and a slight adjustment 
 │ │to the regex, but that's been pre-done on the Heyuri github version 
 │ │ヽ(´ー`)ノ
 │ │
 │ └Oh yes I found that one out pretty quickly!
    I decided to just install php 5.7 since I figured there would be more future issues involved than fixing that one function haha!
 Tell about it to us! What will it be about?
  I'm gonna try and focus it on source engine level design discussion.
   But it will probably get a little more generalized than that.
   People are always asking me to make a discord 'server' for whatever reason,
   this is going to be my answer to that. And since its easy to download the logs the info posted will not get lost forever.
   Also acts as a way for me to post even when I am not able to log into accounts.
   Link included if any of you want to spam while I'm still messing with it.( ´ω`)
   If it's intended as a discord replacement, you might be interested to 
   ││know that you can enable image uploads by setting 'BBSMODE_IMAGE' to 1
   │└Oh I certainly considered using that option but after some thought...
     I'd rather just use links!
   A Matrix room/space would've been a good discord replacement too.
   ││You would probably need to find a good server though, since the popular
   ││way of hosting a matrix server today requires a lot of resources - it
   ││should get better in the coming years, but it sucks now (;´Д`)
   ││Anyway, check matrix.org if you're interested in it
   │└Yeah a few of my friends use matrix and we talk via a matrix<>telegram(what I and most of my friends use) relay.
     But really I have disdain even for telegram and have been considering matrix since it's self hosted.
     I just prefer email and I actually do get MOST of my business inquiries via that.
     A lot of people who might just have a general question seem like they don't want to/know how to send email.
     So now with my super special bbs I can just link that and be like boom u can post no account needed bro(・∀・)!!
   User: lolwut
    Damn, is that really you, Shy? From the Cock.li mailing list? This is
    lolwut; we seem to bump into each other quite often, first on VidLii, 
    and now here.
    Ahahhaha yes! you better believe I found heyuri via lurking on vidlii.