[Date updated: 2022/03/02(Wed) 02:14:58]
 WAKE UP HEYURI (;´Д`)(;´Д`)(;´Д`)(;´Д`)(;´Д`)(;´Д`)(;´Д`)(;´Д`)
 Fine I'll get out of bed (;´Д`)
  You don't necessarily need to get up ヽ(´∇`)ノ
   I have fond memories of browsing the web in bed on my PSP as a teenager 
    I fapped to so much erotica and lo-res GIFs (´¬`)
    So did/do I (;´Д`)
    ││I can crack my right thumb (and not left thumb)  thanks to playing PSP
    ││all the day. Mine was the version without interweb browser though, so I
    ││lacked the full experience... I still want to repair mai PSP to play VNs to
    ││this day (for over 5 years nao)
    ││But fapping in my bed with laptop is something I still do, it's still the
    ││most convenient method (゚ー゚)
    │└(;゚∇゚) WTF, I'm pretty sure the web browser came in a very early 
    │ │update for the original 1000, and didn't the updates come with certain 
    │ │games to even allow them to run? I had a 1000 and the later PSP Go, and 
    │ │they both had the web browser
    │ │
    │ │I can't connect my 1000 to teh intrarnets anymore though cuz the early 
    │ │version of WEP it supports isn't supported by my router. Not that any 
    │ │sites besides Heyuri and Japanese BBSes would even work thx 2 SSL, 
    │ │HTML5, etc. (;^Д^)
    │ │
    │ └Well... interweb-less version was cheaper so my parents just got it for me (;´Д`)
       It sux because I was trapped with just a few games and limited knowledge
       of English. Still, those days were glorious just because of being able to play
       games without needing to worry about anything else all day (;´Д`)
    User: lg
      I love the psp ヽ(´∇`)ノ