[Date updated: 2022/01/13(Thu) 19:13:43]
 By the way, isn't heyuri getting a lot less traffic now than it used to around a year ago? I've only discovered heyuri recently, so I don't know for sure if there is a difference, but based on what I've heard from people here it's a lot slower now than it used to be because a lot of the older users left(I think ( ’~’)).
 And yet, heyuri went down twice in the past week or two. Is is some other services you're hosting that get more traffic now than before?
 Heyuri was a very slow but happy board from its inception up until 
   early May 2020, then it kinda exploded into freakishly high-paced and 
   high-quality activity between late May and August 2020 (minus a few 
   "hiccups" along the way). This has since been recognized as the "golden 
   age of Heyuri", but it was shortlived because the entire site, staff, 
   and community would eventually collapse into a fiery pit of drama and 
   hax by early September thanks to some personality clashes and malicious 
   3rd parties worming their way into the staff (;´Д`)
   The original founder/admin (lolico) put Heyuri on indefinite hiatus, 
   and the site basically didn't exist between September and early 
   December 2020. After several failed attempts to revive Heyuri himself, 
   kuz (who until then had been hosting Heyuri on his servers and was made 
   co-admin of Heyuri at the start of the golden age, but had some several 
   very public falling outs with lolico in late July/August 2020 resulting 
   in him being "fired") created the Strawberry Heaven imageboard in late 
   September 2020
   While it was nice to finally have somewhere consistent to post again, 
   SH never truly felt like Heyuri because A: it didn't have many of 
   Heyuri's unique features, B: the former Heyuri users (including kuz) 
   were still depressed by Heyuri's apparent death, and C: many of the 
   older users had left due to the drama while many new users from other 
   imageboards had arrived, who weren't familiar with Heyuri's former 
   culture. Things were kinda slow, but that was to be expected as many 
   former Heyuri users weren't even informed about its existence
   kuz eventually ditched SH and brought Heyuri back from the dead in 
   December 2020, but it had a very slow and buggy start due to various 
   reasons. By February 2021, it was clear that a lot of the former user-
   base was gone forevar, and kuz began focusing more and more on his 
   other sites and projects over Heyuri, including several imageboards 
   that covered topics that Heyuri previously did. Heyuri was now posi-
   tioned as one small part of the "Kolyma Network", something which would 
   rile up some older Heyuri users who remembered a time when Heyuri was 
   just "Heyuri"
   After several months of stagnation, activity did eventually pick up a 
   little more during summer 2021 as the focus turned back towards Heyuri 
   and both the staff and community took efforts to breath life back into 
   the site, but even on the best of days it was only ever a quarter of 
   the activity that Heyuri had regularly experienced during the same time 
   the previous year
   More recently, October 2021 was an unusual month as Strange World man-
   aged to massively overtake the rest of the site in terms of post activ-
   ity. Things took a turn for the worse in November due to frequent and 
   lengthy periods of downtime thanks to problems with the ISP on top of 
   malicious DDoS attacks. In December 2021, the frequent downtime and 
   attacks continued, and things were mostly quiet - much more so than 
   December 2020 - but by mid January 2022 (that's now!) things seem to 
   have picked up somewhat again... for now at least! ヽ(;^Д^)ノ