[Date updated: 2022/01/14(Fri) 00:12:45]
 My point still stands. Despite how long you've been present on the internet doing this stuff you haven't corrected the behaviours that lead to your sites having unstable hosting. You habitually bite off more than you can chew because you don't say "no" to some random new project even when your plate's full, you monetize  in ineffective ways, and you make enemies and get into feuds like some kind of lolcow.
 Ah, shkatta nigh. Despite all this, I'm somehow thankful. Long live Heyuri!
 User: Kuznetsov
  You are right, thats just how I behave. I was born a troll and cant help
  but rile people up and have made alot of enemies, and also I have a boundless
  imagination with new ideas that never get implemented.. and the ones that
  sometimes do usually end up getting ignored later. I havent looked up ways
  to better monetize because... well they all suck (;´Д`) unless you have
  an idea I will keep paying out of pocket.
  Its a thankless job (save: the (1) thank you I have just recieved), and sometimes
  I put in alot of effort and get nothing but contempt in return ( ´ω`)
  Heyuri users can be pretty ungrateful  ( ’~’)
  User: Not the other guy
   All those "THX KUZ (^∇^)" posts I've made these past 2 years... 
   disregarded and forgotten... how ungrateful!!! ヽ(`Д´)ノ
   But seriously, I feel the same way every time I spend ages on a photo-
   shop edit or some other OC that gets little to no response, or I just 
   get a mindless shitpost reply from someone who doesn't get it or 
   doesn't even recognize that they're looking at OC (;´Д`) 
   I miss the days when hard work and creativity were highly praised and 
   appreciated on Heyuri, but then again I'm pretty sure 90% of those 
   posts were just you and I replying to each other (^Д^;)
   User: Kuznetsov
    Let me tell you this: People see it, and many notice. Acknowledging it
    through a post is a different thing. To be honest sometimes I dont even
    do it, its just laziness, maybe apathy some poeple have (;´Д`) and
    also our software is deathly slow. Back when it took like 2 seconds for
    your post to go through you could easily see the replies stack up but now
    its a little different
    User: Kuznetsov
      Also on a more positive note, heyuri has actually been on an upward trend
      recently, i've seen a handful of new users, a minor uptick in ppd, and moar
      "quality reply users" as we call them (those who dont make threads but
      are eager to make hueg replies )