[Date updated: 2022/01/13(Thu) 07:01:06]
 Anonymous-san, have you ever considered putting some kind of
 chatbox (e.g. anonymous chatango) for bbsdirectory.neocities.org?
 I would understand if you don’t want to leave any kind of “contact”
 anywhere, I just thought it could be useful to report dead sites in
 case you lose interest to check all BBSes listed there frequently
 to update the list.
 I have considered it, but I kinda haet websites that load in some 3rd-
   party service crap that sends data to who-knows-where. I also don't 
   really want to play Internet moderator (no offense mod-san...) (;´Д`)
   Back in November I was working on a translation+redesign of Yui's PO 
   Box script that I think would have served this purpose much better 
   (provided that anyone had the balls to host it), but even though I'd 
   pretty much completed it, it's a guaranteed security nightmare thanks 
   to being originally made in 1997, and I don't have teh l33t sk1llz to 
   patch it myself, so it's on hiatus for now (;´Д`)
   However, since then I found that Rescue-san provides some slightly more 
   advanced PO Box-type scripts that are slightly less outdated and have 
   more fleshed-out login systems, so I've been contemplating doing some-
   thing with those instead ヽ(´ー`)ノ