[Date updated: 2022/01/12(Wed) 15:08:37]
 where is it ヽ(`Д´)ノ
 The one on kuz's github is out of date and contains some very kuz/Heyuri-specific changes
  You can find the original Japanese version of KuzuhaScriptPHP+ here:
  And the latest English translation of v20210727 with no kuz/Heyuri-isms here: 
  What kuz/heyurisms are present?
   Some examples:
    - the kaomoji button feature is unique to here, and kuz made some un-
      usual and weird-looking kaomoji choices
    - the info.htm and index.html pages as well as the provided favicon are 
      unique to here
    - "Filtered words" has been untranslated back to to "NG Word" for some 
      unknown reason
    - "We are a seedling board" was added, which is a pun that only makes 
      sense on Futaba
    - the logs page has been renamed "log warehouse"
    - in many places, the files kuz provides on github are based on an 
      older version of the script with an incomplete (and faily poor) trans-
      lation with many of his own personalized settings, even though the 
      script has long since been fully re-translated with all the updates, 
      translated comments, and original settings intact
    So that's why I recommend using https://2ch.cx/src/1514.zip , at least 
    until kuz tidies up/updates the hodgepodge mess on github ヽ(´ー`)ノ
    If you want the soulless dead version, go ahead. Or if you want the  cultured
     soulful heyuri-ified version you can download the one on github ( ´ω`)
     ...The version on 2ちゃん is closer to what we're using here than the 
       one on the github (´-`)