[Date updated: 2022/01/03(Mon) 03:25:02]
 User: Kuznetsov
 ( ´ω`) Sometimes, life is like having no towel when you leave the shower
 Sometimes, life is like staff-san leaving up Rule 8-breaking posts for 
  days and letting faganon's famous flamewars of fail go unopposed...
  O wait that's not life, that's present-day Heyuri (;´Д`)
  User: Kuznetsov
   Really? Those arguments and flamewars are what makes /lounge/ go round.
   I can understand deleting them on /b/ but I intentionally left them up there
   who cares if he embarasses himself? (´ー`)
   Me - faganon always brings the entire mood of the site down with his 
    Serious Business, and he turns every board that makes the mistake of 
    hosting his crappy posts into angry, argumentative shitholes like all 
    the other places him and his fun-hating, uncreative, and humorless ilk 
    has infested and ruined over the years (;´Д`)
    He should be b&-on-sight for crimes against the Internet!!! ヽ(`Д´)ノ
    User: Some random mod
     I am just following orders from my superiors, don’t get mad at me (;´Д`)
     But very well, granted, /lounge/‘s AIDS has been cured to some extend.
     As for that certain R8 breaking post… I wanted to delete it but members
     of the supreme Heyuri council has decided it’s “not that bad”, presumably
     because it wasn’t targeting a certain idea or a user. Perhaps this was a
     wrong approach from our side. There is another oekaki that would become
     meaningless if we delete it now, do you think it should still be deleted at this
     THX RANDOM MOD-SAN ヽ(´ー`)ノ
       About the ">>195 RULE 8" oekaki... you're replying to the user who made 
       it, LOL (´∇`)
       I made it becuz nobody was doing anything about a very obvious rule-
       breaking post - I didn't want to directly reply to it, and there's no 
       report function, so making sum OC to call it out seemed like the next 
       best thing. I certainly didn't make it with the intention of giving 
       mods a reason to keep a freaking failjak around!! ヽ~ノ;゚Д゚)
       And whoever said it's "not that bad" should be slapped around a bit 
       with a wet trout - ***jaks are one of the primary things Rule 8 was 
       designed to keep out, and they're kept out for a reason! Rule 8 and its 
       strict enforcement is one of Heyuri's biggest plus points, and is the 
       reason why many of us chose to frequent here rather than the many dime-
       a-dozen "it's just like 4chan but somehow even worse" boards out there
             │R00L 8 4EVAR│