[Date updated: 2021/12/19(Sun) 14:23:57]
 User: Kuznetsov
 How am I supposed to make friends with other sites like kaguya said when
 all the other sites are shit (;´Д`)
 Maybe teh crux of teh p0rblem is that u believe all teh other sites r 
  shit... (´~`)
  Anyways, u could always get sum1 else 2 play ambassador ヽ(´ー`)ノ
  User: Kuznetsov
   Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places but all of heyuris "peers" (other
   imageboards of similar size and makeup) are absolute shit. The only redeeming
   qualities are that which they copied from Heyuri! Seriously. Heyuri users are
   such trendsetters.. the notifications thing, that was ours first! Some of our rules.., 
   hell, even some of our threads, just copied. Heyuri is too good and the
   rest are too shit, they just follow our lead for the most part. Oh yeah, and our
   "heyuri neocities" project too, as soon as we did that, like 15 other sites did
   (;´Д`) Maybe.. Maybe I am too cynical for this. Maybe someone else would
   take pride in seeing this but for me it just seems like blatant unoriginality
   and that annoys me a bit.
   I think "cynical" would be an understatement... (;^Д^)
    Anyway, we're hardly the first site to do the things we're doing, and I 
    don't really care what other sites do as long as it's not malicious 
    garbage that destroys the internet
    What I ultimately want is a healthy and diverse internet with lots of 
    people doing lots of cool things, and I'd rather there be moar sites 
    inspired by ours than not! ヽ(´ー`)ノ
    Also limiting our scope to just "other imageboards of similar size and 
    makeup" seems shortsighted - there are plenty of great websites out 
    there doing k00l things besides what we're doing ヽ(´ー`)ノ
    I liek these sentiments found in this "manifesto":
    User: kaguya
     I also don't mind "unoriginality" on the interwebs. I sometimes find some old
     discussions on abandoned places and decide they could fit Heyuri, or see a
     cool concept on other sites (not necessarily imageboards) and think it
     could be fun if Heyuri adapted them. Since it's creation by loliko, Heyuri
     got inspirations from several other sites, and this is a good thing (´ー`)
     However, one thing kuz seemed to miss mentioning is how some site are
     antagonizing Heyuri. I am not going to claim we made no mistakes as staff,
     but as much as pro-peace I can get, our good intentions sometimes get abused
     by staff of other sites. It's not simply a case of "A site owner gets inspired from
     Heyuri, makes his site so it resembles to Heyuri". They are trying to surpass
     us following ill ways. It's not like I wouldn't appreciate if they were doing what
     we are doing but in a better way than ours, but this is simply not the case (;´Д`)
     Else than that, I am all for making friends for Heyuri. What I just talked about
     is of course not the case for all sites, and I also agree we shouldn't look only 
     for imageboards or for communities with similar size. RIP Diaperbooru, a former
     ally for Heyuri, which was a booru dedicated to diapers ;_;7
     I recently made peace with at least one individual "enemy" of Heyuri, he
     was cool with helping us at technical stuff of townhalls since he happens to be
     in the development team of gikopoi ヽ(´∇`)ノ
     I guess there are some other cool people I have good relations in individual basis
     but what we are looking for isn't individual people, but different types
     of communities about anything. This is something that's easier said than
     done, but I believe Heyuri is capable for it
     I also checked out the site you sent. Not sure if here is the best place to mention
     this, but it shares some same views with KolymaNET. Especially with hosting,
     Kolyma hosts sites for FREE!!1(except you want your own domains, but
     in this case we are simply not paying for others' domains. free TLDs liek .cf/.ga also exists)
     Actually you know what, I will attempt reaching  the webmaster to tell him about
     Kolyma's web hosting, perhaps I will be able to make a connection with them for
     all of us' behalf ヽ(´∇`)ノ
     Well if we do have sites/site owners antagonizing us ("us" as in Heyuri, 
      not as in Kolyma/KolymaNET - we're supposed to be de-Kolyma-ized, and I 
      never associated myself with that project to begin with!) in an attempt 
      to push their own alleged Heyuri ripoffs, they're not doing a very good 
      job cuz I have no idea who they are and I have seen no signs of their 
      existence ヽ(´ー`)ノ
      Unless of course you mean our one true archnemesis... IRUYEH (;゚Д゚)(゚Д゚;)
      User: kaguya
        "us" refers to Heyuri as I wrote in my first message, but in their eyes there is
        no difference between KolymaNET and Heyuri. Whenever one of them gets
        brought up, the other one follows it. I won't drop their names since discussing
        this further won't help anything. These are a just a few sites, and internet is 
        wide enough to ignore them (´ー`) 
        What we should be discussing now is either which communities we can link
        with, or how to get moar people to discuss this with us