[Date updated: 2021/11/18(Thu) 13:36:15]
 User: Kuznetsov
 Ive put some newsposts
 I am planning on paying for 4chan advertising of heyuri on /jp/ and /g/
 thoughts? Its my apology to the tank in activity following this issue
 User: Kuznetsov (fraudster)
 ││Why do I do this to myself y=ー( ゚д゚)・∵.
 │├User: K​uznetsov
 ││ Fuck off retard.
 │└There are fakes here.( ´ω`)
 I don't think it's a good idea (if they'll even allow it) - those 
  boards are not filled with the kinds of users they used to be, and even 
  back in the day those boards were always kinda shitty (´~`)
  Smaller, older boards (like /f/ and /i/) are probably the only boards 
  worth inviting to Heyuri, but I fear that ship may have already sailed 
  after what happened last year (;´Д`)
  Don't be silly, just because a few 
   partypoopers in some specific threads haet
   heyuri and fun doesn't mean that the whole board will
   d00d, 4chan has been "HAET EVERYTHING, NO FUN ALLOWED: The Website" 
    for liek 14 years, and ads for other boards are controversial and 
    untrusted even to the minority who don't haet everything (;´Д`)
    Things are a little different when it's someone with nothing to gain 
    just sharing a neat little hobby project they're working on (like when 
    lolico first posted booru-era Heyuri to /g/ back in 2018), but things 
    are very different now
    The many rumors, controversies, and PR disasters related to Heyuri/
    Kolyma/kuz have added up to a real shitty reputation, and I don't 
    think kicking a hornet's nest that outnumbers us 1000000:1 is a good 
    idea while this is the case (;´Д`)
    User: Kuznetsov
     Your confusing a very vocal minority as the masses.
     That "vocal minority" is the only segment of the userbase that would 
      give any attention to a board advertisement on 4chan - the "majority" 
      are busy fapping to pr0nz and arguing about trivial things, with no 
      interest in ever leaving the confines of 4chan
      User: Kuznetsov
        If only 1 of 1000 people visit and stay, than it is a success, if there are 
        millions of 4chan users/lurkers, than it is a big success