[Date updated: 2021/11/06(Sat) 11:13:42]
 User: Kuznetsov
 I like lots of boards.. it looks pretty. I dont get how it can possibly have an 
 effect on site activity like a few people have been suggesting. 
 If we shut down /a/ and /v/ I dont see why we would keep /o/ and /f/, or
 even /lounge/.
 It doesn't matter how the board list looks - what matters is whether 
   additional boards helps the site flourish, or whether it hinders our 
   activity and hold us back. More often than not, it's the latter (;´Д`)
   /o/, /f/, and /lounge/ are each different types of boards to the 
   "regular" imageboards, and /o/ in particular is a very novel type of 
   board (much like this one also it) - so they have more reason to exist 
   than any additional "regular" imageboards, which the Internet is satur-
   ated with
   The thing about different types of boards is that they inspire differ-
   ent types of activity (as seen here on Strange World), whereas every 
   regular imageboard + the Heyuri userbase ends up being pretty much the 
   same ordeal - it's yet another /b/ only with a very loose semblance of 
   a theme. That's fine, but we might as well just use /b/, especially 
   considering how little the non-/b/ imageboards get used these days
   MOAR BOARDZ usually proves to be an activity drainer on smaller sites 
   because it spreads an already small population too thin. It becomes a 
   chore to check every board for new posts, and once the activity level 
   drops to the point where there's no new posts every time a user checks, 
   that user will check back less frequently. If they're checking back 
   less frequently, more time is going to pass before posters receive a 
   reply, and they'll feel less inclined to keep posting. The site's activ-
   ity slows to a crawl, and then it dies a slow and painful death... 
   But when you concentrate everyone into a select few boards (or a single 
   board), it becomes very easy and convenient to browse or choose a place 
   to post, and everyone is seeing and replying to all the new posts in a 
   timely manner. This has a powerful amplification effect that spurs 
   activity on, and keeps users coming back for moar on a regular basis 
   There's an additional problem to having many boards, and that's main-
   taining them all. If it becomes difficult for the staff to maintain, 
   update, or moderate all the boards, they will start being neglected. 
   You end up with situations where some boards have bugs or features that 
   are not found on others, and rule-breaking/undesirable posts start 
   piling up and up - both things that are a detriment to the site's user-
   base and activity level
   Ultimately, the only reasons to justify making MOAR BOARDZ are as 
   1. The new boards have functionality or a novelty factor that the exis-
      ting board(s) do not, which can't simply be added to the existing 
   2. The existing board(s) are too overpopulated for any desirable activ-
      ity to take place
   ...and that's it ヽ(´ー`)ノ
   So that's why I argue for the removal of /a/ and /v/ (which DID improve 
   our situation on /b/ dramatically last time), but I'm not against hav-
   ing boards like Strange World, /lounge/, or /o/ where the features or 
   the posting experience are significantly different. Personally I think 
   /f/ doesn't add much (especially considering it STILL resets my style 
   selection every time I visit it ヽ(`Д´)ノ) and it could easily be 
   combined into /b/ by adding back the SWF support that /b/ used to have