[Date updated: 2021/10/27(Wed) 12:04:21]
 User: lg
 Okay, I made a new one, but make sure your browser does not translate the page's contents to english and some of the page's text is in verbatim Japanese. This prevents AA messing up.
 I've checked english text and AA and they all work on it, so if you have any problems, email me 
  ...the fonts are still fux0r'd (;´Д`)
  The font-family applied to the body element on ur board is currently:
  "Hiragino Kaku Gothic ProN", "ヒラギノ角ゴ ProN W3", Meiryo, メイリオ, 
  Osaka, "MS PGothic", arial, helvetica, sans-serif
  The way font-family works is that a browser will go through the list 
  from left to right until it finds the first font that the machine has 
  available. On most Windows machines that would be Meiryo, which is a 
  standard Windows font - everything after that point will be ignored, 
  and ur AA will appear completely messed up for a lot of people (;´Д`)
  The only font out of all of those fonts that will make 2ch-style AA 
  appear correctly is MS PGothic, another standard Windows font which is 
  kept around for compatibility's sake. So really it should be more along 
  the lines of:
  "MS PGothic", [other AA compatible fonts], sans-serif
  That way it will prioritize MS PGothic, look for other suitable fonts 
  if it can't find it, and as a last resort it will just load whatever 
  the browser's default sans-serif font is
  That last one is important, otherwise you end up with shit like the 
  "Heyuri Classic" style that just has "Osaka" in the font-family - it 
  won't display any freaking text at all until Osaka has downloaded 
  (which takes ages cuz it's 1MB and Heyuri is teh slow), whereas if you 
  had sans-serif or serif in there it would at least display that until 
  Osaka is available. (;´Д`) WTF kuz...
  User: Kuznetsov
   Heyuri is fast (;´Д`) right?
   Sure - it just has a special anti-DDoS feature where it tricks would-be 
    attackers into thinking it's already being DDoS'd, rite? (´∇`)
    User: Kuznetsov
     (;´Д`) Damn you, I spend alot of money to keep all my servers online with
     good speeds
     I'm mostly joking... EXCEPT for posting on kokonotsuba boards, which is 
      TEH SLOW and seemed to get significantly worse around a month or so ago 
      User: Kuznetsov
       Posting speeds were drastically reduced a month ago in order to bring up
       page loading speeds. I find that people lurk more than post and it seemed
       it would be better to speed up one rather than the other (;´Д`)
       Pixmicat is an ancient software written by taiwanese neets and did not 
       take into account that it would be loaded up with 50 new modules, and used
       on boards that have tens of thousands of posts loaded at once. Also, its
       just terribly unoptimized, and it would take large parts of the code being
       rewritten for it to experience any noticeable improvement. ヽ(`Д´)ノ
       Considering there are far more pressing things to spend money on fixing, I
       have put it pretty far back on the list, at least until I get another dev who
       can share the workload (;´Д`)(;´Д`)
       I get it - imageboard software is always like being stuck between a 
       ││rock and a hard place. It just puts me off posting on those boards a 
       ││little, cuz it takes way too freaking long for posts to go through - it 
       ││feels like the site is constantly being hit with a DDoS attack, some-
       ││times even when you're just browsing (;´Д`)
       ││I'd rather post here instead, where it's still lightning fast... I 
       ││suspect that might partly explain why Strange World has largely over-
       ││taken all the kokonotsuba boards this past month (;^Д^)
       │└User: Kuznetsov
         Really? Is that why my beloved /b/ is dead? (;´Д`)
       Reverse caching proxy (゚Д゚)y─┛~~