[Date updated: 2021/10/19(Tue) 06:02:55]
 I should make an alternate universe site to Heyuri called Iruyeh, where 
 every script is written in Perl instead of PHP ヽ(`∇´)ノ
 Iruyeh: The place to not be ( ’~’)
 │└Perfect ヽ(`ー´)ノ
 And also make it be ran by a nice, normal human being instead of a childish psychopath who has to depend on attacking others to gain attention because he doesn't know how to make friends (;´Д`)
  User: Kuznetsov
   1. Please format your posts correctly on a BBS such as this. If you are
   wondering, you hit "enter" or break your line before you reach the edge
   of the textbox. (;´Д`)
   2. I am a nice and normal human being. Im not a child or psychopath. I
   never attack others except if they attack me first (;´Д`)
   3. I have lots of friends, in fact, all of ayashii.net is my friend. I am so
   friendly that you could say I have more friends than anyone else. (・∀・) 
   4. Please dont spread drama to heyuri and ayashii, especially drama thats a lie.
   If you would like to have a serious discussion with me, I would truly, unsarcasticly
   love to talk with you and ask why you feel the way you do. I hope its not because
   of rumors you read on other websites. ( ´ω`)
  Actual childish psychopath that depends on attacking others here (*゚ー゚)
    I prefer perl over php use brainfuckjs if you want to deterrent me