[Date updated: 2021/10/07(Thu) 22:15:43]
 User: Kuznetsov
 Wait.. where is the script? Send a translated zip. ME WANT IT NOW (・∀・)
 It doesn't exist yet! ヽ(´ー`)ノ
   What you saw in https://2ch.cx/src/1822.png is just browser-based 
   machine translation, it's still 100% Japanese right now
   I'm still trying to figure out the weird offset bug that prevents the 
   first board from being shown, and a possibly-related bug that seems to 
   make the board list say "Displaying 3 - 102" instead of 
   "Display 1 - 100" (I can make it display the correct numbers, but it 
   doesn't actually change which boards are being shown)
   That said, the actual Remix and several archived boards I've found seem 
   like they might have the same issues, but others don't (;´Д`)
   I wish I could find a better source for the script that wasn't some 
   b0rked archive, but I can't find a single other copy of it on the 
   entire internet (;´Д`)