[Date updated: 2024/07/09(Tue) 06:36:33]
 It was emo, and you used to slit your wrists, and you wore clothes from hot-topic, and you still do all of this because you are emo
 man, I remember the wrist-slitting fags
  genuinely never got it
  knew one guy in college, absolutely turbo-cool guy, like 10 years older than me
  and he had all these crazy scars because he was a wrist-slitter
  IIRC, he'd even carved messages into himself, but I can't remember what they said
  also man, I forgot about Hot Topic
  I had one buddy who was all over them -- he drifted apart from my main friend group.
  it's life, I guess
  it's super weird though since he didn't seem like he would be the emo type of guy
  and when you spoke to him, he still didn't sound like that
  but shortly before we drifted apart, he was in a screamo band and dressed in all black 
  felt weird as fuck
  my youthful edginess involved listening to merzbow and gabber and any kind of loud, heavy,
  and generally mean-sounding music ヽ(´∇`)ノ
  lots of system of a down, I fucking miss those cunts....
  also, to clarify -- he wasn't a wrist-slitter still when I knew him
    all the scars were years old
    he'd turned his shit around before he entered college ヽ(´∇`)ノ