[Date updated: 2024/07/08(Mon) 00:24:48]
 life feels so much better with a knife in your hand...
 that sounds savage and unhinged without context
 but maybe it's just human nature that causes it
 we have neither the powerful fangs nor the brutal claws of other beasts
 we can hardly crush other animals with our limbs
 our ancient primal instincts recognize our deficiencies and calls upon 
 us to wield a weapon!
 a man with a good rock is content! he knows he can fling it as he 
 wishes, or bash with it as he needs.
 a man with a big stick is content!! he can swing, bash, toss, stab, 
 a man with a sharp blade is content!!! he can prepare meat, skins, and 
 tools! he can cut branches and pierce his toes! he is as dangerous as 
 any other apex predator!
 a man with a knife in his hand understands that he is finally completed! 
  A man isn't complete until he carries a nihontou in his belt and learns 
  an ancient kenjutsu school! ヽ(´∇`)ノ
  that is too modern for me
    let me be a caveman ヽ(´ー`)ノ