[Date updated: 2024/06/21(Fri) 20:39:06]
 I went to Round1 to play some Beatmania IIDX, and it was hyper
 crowded... (`~´)
 I ended up going to the movies shortly after instead to see Furiosa
 (very good, if not as impressive as Fury Road was, it's a bit flawed but
 not enough to complain too much).
 The nice 120hz Lightning Model cabinet (running IIDX 31) was down due to
 a monitor issue so they dug out an ancient 60hz one running IIDX 26
 while it was out of order and like... seriously, the fuck? There's an
 offline version of 29, where did they find this thing? (´¬`)
 Also, IIDX spent like 17 years or some shit without a headphone jack,
 pre-Lightning Model cabs don't have one and that's insane. You could
 barely hear the cab over everything in the area, even with effects on to
 make the cab louder.. (´人`)
 Also, my timing was shit because I couldn't hear shit and I think this 
 version doesn't have live fast/slow display, I think that's a newer feature 
 (which is also nuts lmao). ( ´ω`)
 I went back and IIDX26 does in fact have timing display!
   Finding it was a struggle because reading nihongo isn't a well developed
   skill of mine and you barely get any time to change settings. Adjusting
   the timing delay a little helped a ton.
   I wish the IIDX31 cab would come back... I need my 120hz and saved 
   scores and e-amuse connection... (´Д`)