[Date updated: 2024/06/10(Mon) 03:53:14]
 There was a point when I realized that everything I liked was 
 underground through no intention of my own, and I kinda  hate it, lmao.
 Even if the light of the mainstream is radioactive and mutagenic to that 
 which stands under its rays, it would mean I'd be able to talk about the 
 shit I like with people.
 Some of it is underground in a "lol you fucking enjoy ____" way, while 
 some of it is underground in a "I've never heard of ____" way, some of 
 it is "I know of ____ but it's too hardcore for me", some of it (a lot 
 of it) used to not be underground but it's not hip anymore, and some of 
 it is just not being able to discuss eromanga with people (this one is 
 fair, you can't talk about your hypnosis incest megane loli hentai with
 anyone in real life).
 The music I listen to is ancient/never was aboveground in any capacity, 
 I watch kodomo anime and shoujo shows more than anything vs anything 
 like what Crunchyroll is pushing these days. The games I play are either 
 incredibly old, incredibly niche, or both. The shit I watch on YouTube...
 some of it is hyper-mainstream, but not much. I don't watch any streamers
 or anything. 
 Some of it is me abandoning various forms of mainstream media, whether 
 it be that I end up thinking it sucks, or because it's just like kinda 
 depressing/infuriating. I don't watch broadcast TV at all and haven't in 
 15 years. I don't have a streaming subscription service that I use. I 
 dropped several major social media sites because the algorithm went 
 insane and stopped putting anything I actually wanted to see in front of 
 me in favor of bullshit designed to elicit a response.
 Even in the underground, I'm feel a bit too underground. I dropped 4chan
 after  realizing that no one left actually wanted to talk about anything.
 I stayed on for years longer than I probably should have because there 
 were pockets where I could still talk about things. They're not 100% gone,
 but they're gone enough that it just isn't worth the effort.
 I guess I still watch mainstream movies sometimes? Did anyone else see
 The Menu? That shit was great. I try to go to the theater to watch movies
 but the theater closest to me closed down, the next closest one is
 increasingly run down, the one close to where my friend lives is alright
 but that's far as shit, and the one close to the Round 1 arcade I visit
 sucks so we still have to drive to a different theater. (´Д`)
 It's not all bad (again, the light of the mainstream alters whatever 
 stands beneath it in hideous, twisted ways), and in some ways, I feel 
 smug as hell about it... but it's rough being quite this disconnected 
 from things. ┐(゚~゚)┌
 either way,
 I feel the same way
  -The most 'mainstream' stuff in my music collection is long forgotten
  techno from the 90s like Technotronic
  -The only books I read are literature reviews like 'Against
  Interpretation' or conspiracy shit that literally makes people angry
  when I bring it up,like about how musicians in the 60s were likely
  frauds with ties to the military industrial complex.
  -The last movie I watched was an Italian one from the 70s that was a
  great allegory about people who refuse to grow up and let things go
  (Maladolescenza)-- except I can't talk to anyone about it because it
  mostly features kids traipsing around the woods and having sex in caves
  -Ive never enjoyed video games. I keep trying but they bore me dead, so
  that's another thing I can't talk about.
  Damn. I'm practically standing in the sun here versus your underground
  ││level. (⌒∇⌒ゞ)
  ││...but even still, it doesn't change the fact that it would be nice to
  ││have some non-niche interests. Doesn't matter how deep you go if being
  ││barely below the surface and near the Earth's core are treated with the
  ││same disinterest to the public at large. ( ´ω`;)
  ││What other music do you listen to?
  │└Well right now one of my favourite acts is the New Fast Automatic 
  │ │Daffodils ヽ(´∇`)ノ
  │ │
  │ │https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQUhCHJk6Nk
  │ │
  │ └I've also been enjoying listening to deliriously upbeat rave tunes 
  is this movie banned now? (´ー`)
  │└No, but it's kind of hard to find in decent quality with subs. I tracked 
  │ │it down to some Russian site after searching a bunch on Yandex.
  │ │
  │ └they didn't REALLY have kids have sex right? that seems too far even for the 70s
    i'm assuming they implied it
    As I remember they simulated it about as much as a typical adult sex
      scene in a fairly explicit adult movie, which is going quite far, if
      there are kids involved. I mean, the film itself even opens with a shot
      of the young male character lying in bed on his back, completely naked.
      There's no clever censorship or anything, you can just see his little
      weiner (´∇`)σ
  You sound like an annoying tryhard.
   Maybe this world is too strange for you! 
   User: Time
     I am. Otherwise I wouldn't be browsing an obscure imageboard with my 
     fellow tryhards.(´ー`)