[Date updated: 2024/05/21(Tue) 12:36:50]
 i want to contribute to code but i cant find the main function
 run it in a debugger and single step through it
  failing that, edit every function (or at least, all the ones that seem 
  like they could be the main one) to output its name to the console and 
  see which one comes up first ( ´ω`)
  VERY brute force, but it should work
  failing that, ask the author lol ヽ(´∇`)ノ
  Not him, but I don't understand debugging tools. They feel more 
   difficult to figure out than the thing I'm trying to figure out most of 
   the time (;゚∇゚)
  ok i lied, i meant to say i want to contribute to code but i don't have the skills to do so
   i had once made a program that finds every line that contains "int main()" among all the files
   of a directory only to realize that to understand what every class worked i had to trace back
   a dozen header files (ρ_;)
   things like that, you want to edit in something like Visual Studio Code
    you open the folder with the code in it and it'll try to resolve where
    each function is from so you can jump to it easily
    getting into a big existing project always sucks though and the only way
    to get better at it is to just keep trying to do it, even if you scrap
    everything or break something or whatever
    my personal projects are all like 1 or 2 source files, I hate splitting
    shit up ┐(´ω` )┌
    tracking them down isn't too hard, what is annoying is when there's a gazillion objects
      or structs or whatever that contain each other, i quickly find myself overwhelmed and can't see
      what does what anymore ヽ(´ー`)ノ