[Date updated: 2024/05/19(Sun) 03:04:41]
 I have determined that for us to progress as a species, Git and Github 
 must be destroyed (;´Д`)
 (゚ー゚) what are git and github doing that holds back humanity...?
 │└They're needlessly complicated and troublesome for what is effectively a
 │ │wiki with a download/sync function. Git and Github UZEE (;´Д`)
 │ │
 │ └I don't think it's that complicated for actual devs who know their bsnz, 
    but github (web interface) lacks a very impr0tant git feature, a "revert 
    to X" buttan (;´Д`)
 there are severe design flaws (lol submodules should be infinitely less
   awkward to deal with than they are), but I can safely state that Git has
   been a net benefit overall to Mankind as a whole
   but we really do need a new VCS to arrive with the lessons learned from