[Date updated: 2021/08/05(Thu) 06:59:54]
 we need lg-san to bring life back to strange world!
 User: lg
  After a while, I'm back!
  I was busy playing the game for the ps1 I just got. Its called Beatmania!
  No, not Beatmania IIDX, the ORIGINAL beatmania. Its a rhythm game where you have a backing track and you have to hit the corresponding keys (and turntable) to what is on the screen. Just like any other rhythm game, but your are a DJ.
  I have played Beatmania Arcade 2nd mix, Beatmania Append Yebisu Mix, Beatmania Append 3rd mix, and Beatmania 4th mix. All on the original 5 key controller, which looks like this.
      BLACK KEYS ->■■  / ̄\ 
    WHITE KEYS -> □□□ \_/<- TURNTABLE
  And this is what Beatmania IIDX's keys for the 2nd player look like.
      BLACK KEYS ->■■■  / ̄\ 
    WHITE KEYS -> □□□□ \_/<- TURNTABLE
  Im currently playing 4th mix, and trying to master their DIFFICULT songs.
  This is not my gameplay, but this is the gameplay of beatmania for the playstation 1.
  I've always had a special place in my heart for the original Beatmania games. They used to have all kinds of music, ranging from hip-hop, break-bts, and soul, to ska, house, and even a Dj battle.
  Nowadays theres just almost impossible dj taka vs dj yoshitaka piano concerto songs, and random techno anime this and that. I might get hate for saying this, but Modern Beatmania IIDX games arent my thing.
  Sadly, Konami is not making any more Beatmania games since they published their last Beatmania game, Beatmania The Final.
  I like the earlier versions of Beatmania IIDX, and would like to play them soon enough, if I can memorize the keys. In fact, I actually have beatmania (USA) for the ps2. I am planning to get a beatmania ps2 controller soon, but these controllers are WILD expensive. I am sticking to the ASCII controller for now.
  But yeah, Thats the whole reason I was gone for a while.
  " I can do it so do it with me,
         you are the DJ, hit the key! "
  just play stepmania