[Date updated: 2021/08/02(Mon) 19:17:41]
 Kuzzynetsov-san, you're somewhat of an internet entrepreneur right? Please consider making an English version of garanger.net, specifically the elementary schooler board. 
 Also enable Tor on the main boards.
 User: Kuznetsov
  So you want a jailbait site? with tor enabled? that sounds like a bad idea
  and arent there already a hundred thousand other porn sites in english?
  i dont think this has much potential
  Anonymous-san's idea has loads of potential. Potential to get you v&, 
   but potential nonetheless (´ー`)y-~~
   Its a CP website if it gets made Kuz is going to prison which he should anyway.
    User: lg
    ││Learned my first lesson: Never click on sites before knowing what they are
    │└It's always good practice to not visit random links you find on the 
    │ │internet without looking them up first, but in this case it's just SFW 
    │ │pictures taken from social media sites + the kinds of mildly risque 
    │ │jailbait/child modelling/junior idol pictures from the 2000s and 
    │ │earlier that used to be commonplace on imageboards before the internet 
    │ │got censored to shit
    │ │
    │ │Prior to the mid-2010s that kind of thing was all over Google images, 
    │ │and people would stay the fuck away from imageboards unless they were 
    │ │OK with seeing (and fukken saving) loli pr0n, jailbait threads, 
    │ │Candydoll sets, and everyone fapping to Stephanie from LazyTown
    │ │
    │ └I always click on random links to see what they are, and I check out and build random git repositories I find, and I copy-paste lines of code---including the linebreak at the end---straight from the internet to my terminal!
    How garanger is a cp website
     It's not, I couldn't find anything good there (;´Д`)