[Date updated: 2023/11/21(Tue) 22:24:51]
 Is there a website where I can download gore without having to look at it?
 The only scenario I could imagine were somone would need such a website 
  is if they wanted to spam gore somewhere despite disliking gore stuff (;゚∇゚)
  That's correct, but don't worry I don't intend on spamming it here or anywhere public I just want to send it to a specific person.
   Do you want to send gore pictures to somone to offend them? IMHO if 
    somone reiceved gore pics, it would probably make them think "lol what 
    kind of weirdoe saves gore pictures on their computer (´∇`)σ"
    My objective is to make him unconfortable with his body and also scare him a litlle bit.
     Yet you don't want to look at it (´∇`)σ
       Don't be a pussy and get a taste of your own medecine.