[Date updated: 2023/11/21(Tue) 07:26:29]
 User: kaguya
 To my surprise, an elderly moderator for GUROchan has returned after 
 nearly 2 years of absence
 I was sure he was dead (;゚∇゚)
 Must have been one hell of a fap (゚∇゚)
 User: antonymous
 ││Is moderating gurochan any easier than heyuri?
 │├Not kaguya, but I assist with moderation over there sumtimes (when the CP 
 ││ bot strikes here, it usually strikes there and other sites at the same 
 ││ time)
 ││ There (currently) seems to be much less in the way of "meta disputes" on 
 ││ gurochan since the material deemed acceptable & unacceptable over there 
 ││ is a lot more clear cut, and most users are just peacefully posting 
 ││ images
 ││ Trying to play community mediator, trying to put out fires while blindly 
 ││ stumbling across minefields, warding off undesired posts/users while 
 ││ trying to keep the desired kinds, find a balance/compromise between two 
 ││ camps of users with opposing opinions, etc. is by far the most 
 ││ exhausting and miserable part of internet moderation, and that's 
 ││ unfortunately a lot of what Heyuri moderation entails (;´Д`)
 ││ On top of that, the whole of gurochan doesn't appear to get as much spam 
 ││ as Strange World alone does... but what they do get is report spam 
 ││ (seemingly random on-topic posts getting reported for no reason) 
 ││ clogging up the report system. Heyuri avoids this issue through the 
 ││ powar of not having a report system ヽ(´ー`)ノ
 │└User: kaguya
   I don't have much to add, it's much easier ヽ(´ー`)ノ
   There were some drama that was quite a bother when I took it, but it's
   not a problem anymore. Some of the worst "moderation" things that I had
   to go through were
   - a llama spammer, back when kokonotsuba didn't have a global ban system
   it was fux0ring bump orders
   - spending several hours to clean mediawiki bot accounts
   - a s*yjak spam that wiped off main /g/ board (we used this opportunity to 
   migrate back to vichan, since it's a little less bad with huge boards)
   - another s*y botspam that took us hours to clean. When a spam is from all
   different IPs, it's very bothersome to delete on Vichan unliek koko (´Д`)
   - as mentioned, n00bs misusing report system/sending meaningless reports.
   Here is a little peek: https://up.heyuri.net/src/2990.jpg
   The only real problem is the CP bot, which Heyuri and GC don't get as bad as
   other imageboards thx to filtering link shorteners ヽ(´ー`)ノ
 rare kagy post ヽ(´ー`)ノ