[Date updated: 2023/11/19(Sun) 08:13:32]
 It's really insane the amount of spam that gets put out on the internet. 
 Users that want to see how much spam we get per day should check out the
  あやしいわーるど@蛭ヶ岳 link above, who gets hit by the same spambots as us but
  makes 0% effort to clean it up
  That's what we're having to manually baleet every day to keep this board 
  usable... all day... never ending... (;´Д`)
  We clean Strange World all day, every day. All day, every day.
   All day... every day... (´¬`)
  They used to be spam-free and the admin used to clean the spam until somewhat
    We've also implemented some anti-spam measures including a modified bbs.php and
    a lot of word filters that spam-kun gets caught to