[Date updated: 2021/07/17(Sat) 15:12:01]
 Just read the VNDB reviews for Everlasting Summer.
 People are so blatantly russiaphobic.
 huh? whTs everlasting summer?
  Russian eroge featuring Russian imageboard-tans.
   Thats cute. Russophobia is way too common, this site actually loses alot of traffic because of that. So disgusting
    Blame whoever had the bright idea of adding Russian text and references 
     all over a website that originally had nothing to do with Russia, was 
     founded by an American, and is still to this day being hosted in the 
     USA... goddammit kuz (;´Д`)
     User: Kuznetsov
      All over? You mean at the copyright section at the very bottom of the
      page? I cant think of anywhere else, and regardless, I dont think thats an
      excuse to hate the entire website.
      At the bottom of the page... on every page! In every thread!
        I don't haet the website, I just haet the footer cuz it immediately makes the site look 
        kinda sketchy or like the site is a honeypot run by Putin or something. There's no need for 
        Russian language text on an English/Japanese language site that's largely centered around 
        Japanese subculture. Heyuri != 9chan