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 [Date updated: 2022/08/16(Tue) 23:56:44]
 User: Kovalenko
 Hello, dear Russian cucks,
 I'd like to rewrite your sissy textboard engine in another language, which is as fast and simple as PHP, but not PHP. 
 What would you advise? Technobabble langs are welcome here.
 User: dev man
  there are over 20 textboard scripts. they are easy to write whether in bash or C or go or JS etc etc etc. the real question is, what novel feature do you plan to bring to the table in your board?
  User: Kovalenko
   I checked all textboard engines from overscript list yesterday and they are either too old/oldish or just lack features which are brought by JavaScript and modern web dev. (E.g. SchemeBBS doesn't have cookies, which makes you think).
   I've already polished and localized Kareha, but when it was finished, I stopped for a while to think: I probably don't want such an old script for my BBS.
   User: dev man
   ││Are the lack of Javascript and cookies a bug, or a feature ?
   ││I would like to ask again what new features you want to bring to the 
   ││table, so to speak. Cookies to remember your name and email/link make
   ││sense. What about things like giving the thread OP an option to enable
   ││IDs in the thread? 
   ││As the author of the textboard article on Wikipedia and several 
   ││textboard scripts, my opinion is that tags have a lot to offer these
   ││kinds of boards. Per-thread ATOM feeds, as well. I've also wondered
   ││about how tripcodes (pseudo registration) could be expanded in the 
   ││modern age: maybe Oauth or PGP-based identities? 
   ││The nice thing about a tripcode is that it can be used on other sites
   ││in this family of forums. The downsides is that they are easily 
   ││spoofed and not especially user friendly. Being able to post as an 
   ││off-site identity, eg your Twitter/Mastodon/email (opt in) has its
   ││advantages.... while it was generally a failure, I still think 1chan
   ││was notable in its approach to handling identities (every user has an 
   ││account, anonymous by default, checkbox to show "user" a la "CAPCODES")
   │├You will be fucking killed robert
   │└User: Kovalenko
   │ │I am not a fan of JS bloat, but I definitely appreciate when I can 
   │ │click once/hover instead of typing everything by hand / open a new webpage.
   │ │
   │ │
   │ │I don't think that matters. Classic Kareha with sane JS UI 4chan features like post preview
   │ │by hovering the >>666 kind of link would work, as for me. There are literally no textboards 
   │ │like that as far as I concerned.
   │ │
   │ │But of course its backend should be more maintainable that Perl5 script from early 2000's.
   │ │
   │ │
   │ │Booru garbage? I don't like it, I never use those tags. And I think no one does,
   │ │at least on non-niche booru imageboards (like Neboard, probably the only one 
   │ │I visit from time to time).
   │ │
   │ │Also, you must be ashamed of yourself to write Wikipedia articles for free. ヽ(´ー`)ノ
   │ │
   │ │
   │ │How about forcing anonymity? Tripfags and other pseudonymous folx could go to twitter.
   │ │
   │ │=====================================================
   │ │==-------------------------------------------------==
   │ │=====================================================
   │ │
   │ │Ok, if you are asking about real novelties, I think I could create an Emacs client. 
   │ │But it's also not a brand new feature, some guy already made it for SchemeBBS.
   │ │
   │ │To be honest, I would better think of finding some good old format and 
   │ │refresh it with modern web dev tech. Maybe, not even Kareha/2ch, but lost and forgotten.
   │ │I couldn't find anything more interesting yet, though.
   │ │
   │ │
   │ │Ok, nigger, but why wouldn't you do it on server-side? Simply insert \n every 60-80 chars 
   │ │after some whitespace, when your PHP script compiles an HTML page.
   │ │
   │ └If you want to see what a 2ch-type BBS with tons of kewl features looks 
     like - one that doesn't require a seperate browser/app to view/use the 
     extra features liek 2ch/5ch does - see open2ch:
     (you can use this page to see the most active boards: )
     They've got quotelink previews on hover and inline reply previews, but 
     those are probably the least interesting features of all. They've got 
     oekaki, images via embeds, a multiroom chatbox, polls, VoIP chat/stream-
     ing, a way of registering users to prevent copycats including the abili-
     ty to have an avatar, realtime thread rankings, advanced thread modera-
     tion tools for thread makers that allow them to assign other posters as 
     mods or ban users from the thread, a map function, board creation, and 
     It really makes the Western-invented term "textboard" sound kinda 
     stupid, doesn't it? ヽ(´ー`)ノ
     User: Kovalenko
      Thanks for the links. This website restricts access for UA IPs for some 
      reason, I have to use VPN, lol.
      From the first look, yeah, that's definitely not what Western people
      define with the term "textboard". And not what I'd like to develop and 
      My goals are:
      1. Single-board text BBS with threads (Kareha-style).
      2. Technobabble language for backend (e.g. Scheme Guile, but I also ask 
         for your hipster advise).
      3. Simple, but not simplistic design. Modern web dev techniques considered.
      4. Comfy UI features from imageboards.
      That's it. I don't think it would grow large, especially if I make it 
      localized in Ukrainian. (;´Д`)
      In that case, couldn't you just take a modern imageboard script like 
       jschan, strip out or disable all the features you don't want, and then 
       customize it as you desire?
       User: Kovalenko
        Imageboard has a different design. They are usually multi-board and numerate
        each post per board. It looks like a basic feature, I need to rewrite the core
        to change than. Then why not just it from ground-up in a wierd language? I think
        I'd have some fun.
        So let's get back to my original question: I was just asking about weird / 
        unpopular languages, which I could with no problem apply to web backend.
        Do you know any? I've already tried Ruby, but Ruby is too slow.
        The design really isn't that different between most 2ch-type BBS 
          scripts and Futaba-style imageboard scripts, especially due to the 
          latter having adopted many features of the former (sage, tripcodes, cap-
          codes, etc) - it's just a matter of per-thread logs VS per-board logs/
          a database for the most part, and the rest is all just aesthetics and 
          configs (which are easily modifiable)
          Hell, kokonotsuba is a Futaba-type imageboard script that can emulate 
          the appearance of a 2ch-type board, and kareha is a 2ch-type script 
          that can emulate the appearance of an imageboard - not to mention that 
          tons of Japanese BBS scripts include an imageboard mode (such as the 
          script we're posting on rite now! ヽ(´ー`)ノ)
          Per-board post numbers don't seem like a big issue to me unless ur goal 
          is to perfectly replicate 2ch - which honestly it doesn't sound to me 
          like it is. The only reason Amezou (and by extension, 2ch) was ever 
          like that in the first place was cuz they nigger rigged a system where 
          each thread was designated a seperate log file that would be viewed 
          with a modified version of MiniBBS in a very crude attempt to seperate 
          threads from the board index (thus making threads with many replies 
          more viable)
          And while jschan does have multiboard features and an 8chan-like board 
          creation and management system built-in (which can be disabled), being 
          multiboard is nearly always entirely optional when it comes to these 
          kinds of scripts - in fact, the majority of them are only designed to 
          be a single board, and if you want multiple boards then you have to 
          manually set up multiple instances of the script and make your own home-
          page/menu to link them all together (;^Д^)
   User: dev man
    btw I apologize for not formatting that post properly, and kindly
    ask that you manually wrap your future replies :) 65-80 chars per line
    is a nice, sane standard.
   why is kokonotsuba not on that site?
    User: Kovalenko
     Your kakanokaka has no comments in English. Maybe, fix that before applying.
     Maybe go shove it and your unwarranted self importance up your ass and
       fuck yourself with it you faggot

 [Date updated: 2022/08/16(Tue) 22:16:18]
 User: Kovalenko
 Remove rusky scum from this board, please.
 If there is one group of people I hate more than ukrainians,
  its the IRISH!!
  User: Kovalenko
   No problem with that, nigger. Irish and Ukrainians have similar destiny.
   Being slaves and drinking way too much?

 [Date updated: 2022/08/16(Tue) 18:10:14]
 The only n00bs here are those who think you need to use the follow-up 
  function to reply ヽ(´ー`)ノ

 [Date updated: 2022/08/16(Tue) 18:02:32]
 That is really not something to be proud of (;´Д`)
 who are you quoting
  The post that included that string of text ヽ(´ー`)ノ
  User: Kovalenko
    I think that noob replied to that *dev man* guy:

 [Date updated: 2022/08/16(Tue) 15:00:18]
 User: dev man
 working on a clone of this software that also features "tags" in 
 lieu of boards... any ideas for things to add? ヽ(´∇`)ノ
 yes i have seen
 I don't know about that, but did you ever see Remix? It's basically an 
 ││Ayashii World script where users can create "boards" (a single board 
 ││being essentially what we're posting on here) which would be assigned 
 ││to pre-existing categories. There's no "tree view", because that was a 
 ││relatively late addition to Ayashii scripts (around 2003), and Remix 
 ││predates that by 3~4 years
 ││There's a live Remix instance in operation here if you want to see what 
 ││it looks like:
 ││We did have our own "Heyuri Remix" for a while, which used a later but 
 ││lesser known version of the script that I had recovered and translated, 
 ││but it's currently out of operation (;´Д`) (you can find the transla-
 ││ted version of the script here: )
 │└User: dev man
 │ │Can't access that live Remix instance. 
 │ │
 │ │Personally, I don't think there's much value in allowing people to make 
 │ │their own boards. Maybe allowing a thread OP to moderate his own thread
 │ │could be a valuable experiment, but most smaller sites suffer from 
 │ │having too many boards rather than too few. 
 │ │
 │ │Look at, just one big board and it works fine. 
 │ │
 │ │I intend to add the "view all comments", "view threads", "view trees" 
 │ │similar to what has. Site admin can pick a few tags and 
 │ │users can optionally select one or more when making a new thread.
 │ │
 │ └Try this instead:
    They're "boards" in the same way Strange World is a board - they're 
    basically one big infinitely long thread/topic. Instead of tags, you 
    just give the "board" a title, and there is a view that shows all posts 
    from all "boards" in a single stream:
    There's no user board moderation, the admin is still responsible for 
 User: dev man
   Would you look at that, a tree-board with tags:

 [Date updated: 2022/08/16(Tue) 09:45:16]
 I don't get it. This is supposed to be a an Ayashii World clone, but it looks totally different both from old descriptions of Ayashii World AND from extant clones, which still live in the Japanese Internet sphere. Why call it
 What do you mean by "looks totally different?" Most existing Ayashii sites I've seen on the Japanese web run scripts almost identical to this one.
 It looks virtually identical to most old and new Ayashii World sites 
 ││except for some surface-level CSS changes made by the Japanese guy 
 ││maintaining the KuzuhaScriptPHP+ script we're using: 
 ││Most of the code in this script is unchanged from the original 
 ││KuzuhaScriptPHP, which the majority of Ayashii World sites made after 
 ││2003 have been using. KuzuhaScriptPHP itself was a rewrite of 
 ││KuzuhaScript, which was used by most Ayashii World sites from around 
 ││1999 until KuzuhaScriptPHP took its place
 ││Even KuzuhaScript was a near-identical clone of Rescue's MiniBBS script 
 ││from 1996, which was the script Ayashii World had used since September 
 ││1997 (and pretty much every other Japanese BBS in the 90s was using it 
 ││too - there are multiple different versions and they were usually 
 ││modified in some way). Here's some random surviving examples of what 
 ││old versions of MiniBBS generally looks like:
 ││You can see that relatively little has changed between that script from 
 ││1996/1997 VS what we're using now (and what all the Japanese Ayashii 
 ││World sites are using now), at least in terms of the underlying format
 ││And prior to September 1997, Shiba just used whatever BBS software the 
 ││free web rental service he was using provided, but they all essentially 
 ││operated the same way, and were effectively what us Westerners were 
 ││calling guestbooks
 │├and you, the biggest of the morons, how can it be so pathetic?
 │││it is clear that the anon is not talking about the "appearance", fucking mental
 │││continue with living your ridiculous lies, lol, you get better every day, sick
 ││└imagine getting this angry over people having fun on the internet
 ││  you are mentally ill
 │└User: 名無し
   It doesn't look bad... ( ´ω`)

 [Date updated: 2022/08/16(Tue) 00:38:00]
 User: Kuznetsov (fraudster)
 (╬⊙Д⊙) WHAT?!
 User: lg
   We found a faker (;゚Д゚)

 [Date updated: 2022/08/15(Mon) 16:01:10]

 [Date updated: 2022/08/15(Mon) 04:33:00]
 User: Kuznetsov

 [Date updated: 2022/08/14(Sun) 20:50:11]
 In a ward in the loony bin someone shouts:
 Outside the room someone else replies:
 "Sir, you are being delusional. I didn't send anyone!"
 Even kamisama is in the nuthouse!? (;゚∇゚)

 [Date updated: 2022/08/14(Sun) 19:48:04]
 teh egg...

 [Date updated: 2022/08/14(Sun) 17:18:03]
 User: Kuznetsov
 Im about to dump alot of money into something that may make me extremely
 rich ヽ(´ー`)ノ
 hell no kuz bought nft's (;´Д`)
  Nests For Turkeys? What a charitable cause!
   WTF is kaguya going to do with a nest??? (´Д`)
    User: kaguya (fraudster)
      lay eggs ヽ(´ー`)ノ

 [Date updated: 2022/08/13(Sat) 16:41:05]
  ( 人  )
   | || |
   | ||Y|
   | || |
   |Y|| |
  (  )(  )

 [Date updated: 2022/08/13(Sat) 14:58:30]
 (・∀・)when thヽ(´∇`)ノ(・∀・)(・∀・)(・∀・)(・∀・)(・∀・)(・∀・)(⌒∇⌒ゞ)(⌒∇⌒ゞ)(゚血゚#)Σ(゚д゚|||)(^Д^)

 [Date updated: 2022/08/13(Sat) 13:13:55]
 User: Kuznetsov
 It involves blood, women, and the internet. You'll NEVER guess ヽ(´∇`)ノ
 Menstruation porn! ヽ(´∇`)ノ
 kuz is buying spam kun's site ( ´ω`)
 A website where patients in need of a blood transfusion can pay to be
   assured that the blood they will receive comes from a really sexy and
   beautiful woman and not from some random creep (´人`)

 [Date updated: 2022/08/12(Fri) 23:05:29]

 [Date updated: 2022/08/12(Fri) 23:05:10]

 [Date updated: 2022/08/12(Fri) 20:59:30]
 User: Karuka Hatamore
 hey person behind this account
 im gonna go to a mental hospital next week so if i dont post thats why
 its not like i posted much anyways
 anyways have a nice day(^Д^)
 User: lg
 Karuka really was krackers...
 Is there one (1) Heyuri user who dosen't frequent a mental institution ?
  yes! I make one ヽ(´ー`)ノ
  I have been through the mental health system and seen all kinds of psy-
    chologists, psychiatrists, and therapists, but never taken away to teh 
    funny farm ヽ(´ー`)ノ

 [Date updated: 2022/08/12(Fri) 15:19:42]
 sent from firefox 1.0 ( ´ω`)

 [Date updated: 2022/08/12(Fri) 15:16:54]

 [Date updated: 2022/08/12(Fri) 13:25:16]
 What the hell I need to check the blotter more often...
 I didn't know the page for voting on shows was already made (;´Д`)
 I think the site died very shortly after that entry went up, and then 
   the wiki was down for a few more days, so nobody noticed it (;´Д`)

 [Date updated: 2022/08/12(Fri) 01:51:40]
 wtf it actually worked

 [Date updated: 2022/08/12(Fri) 01:50:53]
 i am posting this from w3m

 [Date updated: 2022/08/12(Fri) 00:02:24]
 ha-ha-ha-ha-haha ho-ho-ho-ho-ho-hoho hee-hee-hee-hee-he-heehee
  hehhh hehh hehhh

 [Date updated: 2022/08/11(Thu) 17:59:16]

 [Date updated: 2022/08/11(Thu) 16:57:49]
 User: Kuznetsov
  wife is going to make me one of these on friday

 [Date updated: 2022/08/11(Thu) 08:27:52]
 Motivation is the most important thing to do a project. Not intelligence
 Motivation to start it, willpower and habit development to finish it

 [Date updated: 2022/08/11(Thu) 07:37:10] the creator of kuzuha featured us on the front page!
 It's been mentioned before, and it's actually been on there a long time 
   - since before Strange World was officially decreed to be a Heyuri 
   board (2021/07/11), hence why we're listed on there as @Kolyma.JP ins-
   tead of

 [Date updated: 2022/08/10(Wed) 22:46:34]
 User: lg
  happy bday kagy ヽ(´∇`)ノ

 [Date updated: 2022/08/10(Wed) 19:30:34]
 User: kaguya
  Thx guys ヽ(´∇`)ノ
  Last year's August 10 happened to be the birthday of some other users
  too, so wishing them happy birthdays as well if they are reading (at least
  one of them is below this post)

 [Date updated: 2022/08/10(Wed) 17:16:25]
 its also my birthday….

 [Date updated: 2022/08/10(Wed) 17:14:24]
 User: Kuznetsov
 Today is kaguyas birthday. Say happy birthday to kagy
 Didn't a Turkish user just have a birthday a couple of days ago? (´Д`)

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