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 [Date updated: 2021/09/19(Sun) 01:16:12]
 User: Kuznetsov
 I have banned the words "S*O", "P*RN", and "[*RL=" to prevent spam.
 Guess you'll all have to talk about something else now ( ´ω`)
 My reliable source for esoteric pr0n-related wisdoms... gone... (ρ_;)

 [Date updated: 2021/09/18(Sat) 23:58:25]
 Nanochan's site was cool
  Nanochan (hapas are superior - yesterday)
  Io Quam Eviscerat Nisserat (;´Д`)

 [Date updated: 2021/09/18(Sat) 01:12:48]
 greek letters look nice ( ´ω`)
 Α	α	alpha
   Β	β	beta
   Γ	γ	gamma
   Δ	δ	delta
   Ε	ε	epsilon
   Ζ	ζ	zeta
   Η	η	eta
   Θ	θ	theta
   Ι	ι	iota
   Κ	κ	kappa
   Λ	λ	lamda
   Μ	μ	mu
   Ν	ν	nu
   Ξ	ξ	xi
   Ο	ο	omicron
   Π	π	pi
   Ρ	ρ	rho
   Σ	σ,ς	sigma
   Τ	τ	tau
   Υ	υ	upsilon
   Φ	φ	phi
   Χ	χ	chi
   Ψ	ψ	psi
   Ω	ω	omega

 [Date updated: 2021/09/17(Fri) 13:53:55]
 nanochanqzaytwlydykbg5nxkgyjxk3zsrctxuoxdmbx5jbh2ydyprid.onion is dead!
 They should all come to ayashii world!
   What if there was a tor-only ayashii world..

 [Date updated: 2021/09/15(Wed) 11:16:40]
 I fucking LOLD

 [Date updated: 2021/09/15(Wed) 09:42:17]
 User: autumngt69
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 [Date updated: 2021/09/15(Wed) 09:25:38]
 (;´Д`) It's because kuz doesnt have time for us anymore
 Did he graduate from the internet? ( ’~’)
  He got married a few weeks ago (´____`)
   He IRL'd us (;´Д`)

 [Date updated: 2021/09/14(Tue) 13:10:20]
 ( ’~’) why dont the mods clean up the spam here
 Sometimes spam does get deleted - I've seen it happen! (;゚Д゚)
  There's no mod account system on this board software though, so it's 
  probably just down to whenever kuz checks the board
 Because  they are  lazy cunts?   ( ’~’)
  it's part of the aesthetic

 [Date updated: 2021/09/14(Tue) 04:09:18]
 ( ̄ー ̄)ニヤリッ

 [Date updated: 2021/09/13(Mon) 19:12:44]
 12 year olds are the best. ヽ(´∇`)ノ

 [Date updated: 2021/09/13(Mon) 07:38:49]
 User: pattyyv3
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 [Date updated: 2021/09/12(Sun) 21:28:13]
 User: rowenakz11
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 everyday the ads get more and more ridiculous and weird

 [Date updated: 2021/09/12(Sun) 12:14:52]
 in teh pooper ( ’~’)

 [Date updated: 2021/09/11(Sat) 22:50:10]
 /ノノノノノ /  
 (⌒∇⌒☆ ゝ
    /ノノノノノ /  
   d(ΦωΦ☆ ゝ < nyaa!
   Adorable!!!! Heyuri-tan doesn't get enough recognition these days

 [Date updated: 2021/09/11(Sat) 22:49:13]
 User: ivyuy60
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 nah id rather not

 [Date updated: 2021/09/11(Sat) 15:57:17]
 User: Mike Larkins
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 [Date updated: 2021/09/10(Fri) 20:19:22]
 ヽ(´∇`)ノ I love the free sex coupons here!

 [Date updated: 2021/09/09(Thu) 23:33:24]
 (´ー`) cirno day

 [Date updated: 2021/09/09(Thu) 03:41:40]
 (;´Д`) I forgot the alphabet song and im having trouble
 A B C D E F G,
   ecchi JK / elementary
   school girls are fine with me,
   not just sex, also pee
   Now I know my ABCs,
   next time, douzo, kiss my D

 [Date updated: 2021/09/09(Thu) 01:45:29]
 (;´Д`) z.. q.. WHAT THE HECK!

 [Date updated: 2021/09/09(Thu) 01:45:15]
 (;´Д`) a... b... g.... f... s.... no this is wrong!

 [Date updated: 2021/09/09(Thu) 01:44:29]

 [Date updated: 2021/09/08(Wed) 10:31:17]
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 Fuck off FBI.

 [Date updated: 2021/09/07(Tue) 22:12:31]
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 [Date updated: 2021/09/07(Tue) 18:31:16]
 ( ´ω`)(・∀・)ヽ(`Д´)ノ

 [Date updated: 2021/09/07(Tue) 05:22:12]
 yejibros ww@

 [Date updated: 2021/09/06(Mon) 19:00:32]
 ヽ(;´Д`)ノ WTF

 [Date updated: 2021/09/06(Mon) 18:59:20]
 wtf is NG word??????????????????
 NG = "No Good", which is a wasei eigo term meaning "not allowed" or 
  "not acceptable". If a word is NG, it means it's a banned word
  On here there's 2 NG-related features:
  1. An entry in the config file that allows the admin to block certain 
  words from being posted - any post containing those words will fail to 
  go through. Can be used as a rudimentary anti-spam measure
  2. The thing you can click and enter words into on the main board page. 
  I'm not sure what it's supposed to do (possibly act as a simple post-
  filtering feature?), but what I do know is that it sure seems broken
  i once clicked the ng word link and it broke my ayashii (;´Д`)
   Yeah you have to make sure it's clear and click update otherwise it 
    will hide every single post (;´Д`)
   Actually I just figured it out. It does in fact filter posts containing 
     the words you enter, but it only works in tree mode (;´Д`)???

 [Date updated: 2021/09/06(Mon) 17:55:44]
 (´ー`) my head is a spinnin'

 [Date updated: 2021/09/06(Mon) 00:40:12]
 (´ー`) i got a dirty dirty feeling

 [Date updated: 2021/09/05(Sun) 12:42:45]
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 I think this is my favorite one yet. Why can't all spam be this adorable?

 [Date updated: 2021/09/04(Sat) 21:40:01]
 User: Kuznetsov
 big news from the heyuri R&D department - groundbreaking new discovery
 potentially unearths the biggest advance in kokonotsuba since march 14th.
 news bulletin coming soon...

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