2100. >Kuznetsov-san   User: hiroyuki   Post date: 2021/11/19(Fri) 04:47:06             
> We are under a large DDOS attack as well.. but no worry, our hard working
> soldiers are out there on the front lines fighting off each and every IP, one 
> at a time. 
> The war will be over before christmas! Just gotta take this next ip range 
> and all the boys can head home!

hi kuz.
Sorry for the DDoS, apologies. I wanted to do a little server testing.

Reference: 2021/11/19(Fri) 00:36:45

2075.    User: hiroyuki   Post date: 2021/11/18(Thu) 11:03:39             
The strange world is still here
We should have won the war and colonised the strange world.

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