12185.    User: hachikuji   Post date: 2024/06/20(Thu) 20:20:59             
on teh topic of browsers... i wuz able to maek librewolf look less
garbaeg, using 3rd party stuffz and manually editing userChrome.css..
such a hack (curse you mozilla!!) (;´Д`)

12069.    User: hachikuji   Post date: 2024/06/09(Sun) 18:18:02             
is having sex with a little girl worth DEATH?

12065. >Anonymous-san   User: hachikuji   Post date: 2024/06/09(Sun) 16:37:18             
> i once opened an onion link that was posted here
> am i in trouble (;゚∇゚)
wat was on it? did it haev good charamel pudding?

Reference: 2024/06/09(Sun) 17:09:51

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